Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Close One or How God Saved my Christmas Trip

So back in November I bought my airline tickets to Orlando and I got the usual email from Cheap Tickets that contained my standard itinerary or so I thought. I didn't bother checking it. This evening while I forced myself to read my bible (I wanted to read my Tom Clancy novel instead) I had this urgent feeling to check my flight and so I did.

Well I'm on the phone now with a customer representative from Cheap Tickets. Holding and thanking God for the catch, while she straightened things out with the airline.

The note from Cheap Tickets was not the standard itinerary follow-up but a note of change to my itinerary executed by the carrier - United. So this is what happened. I was to fly out of San Francisco at 8PM on the 24th to Denver then from there to Orlando arriving at 5AM Christmas day. United rescheduled my connecting flight at Denver to 4PM, four hours before I'm scheduled to leave San Francisco. Genius no? Is there enough time to make the change? Aren't the flights booked by now?

This is just a mistake on both our parts. I should have caught the mistake. But what are they doing over there at United? I had this impression of United as over priced and stuffy. Now we can add disorganized to that. Poor United, they've has so many problems lately.

...sipping tea...

Okay so supposedly the change has been made on the United side but the rep at Cheap Tickets doesn't see the change on her computer and I have not gotten the email noting the change. So we are back to square one. I'm back on hold. By the way the rep at Cheap Tickets is super polite and nice.

...sips more tea...

Okay the change is done. And I'm coming out with a better schedule. I now leave at 11AM from San Francisco so I can make the 4PM flight in Denver arriving in Orlando on Christmas Eve not Christmas morning. Ah I will get some sleep after all.

...no more tea...

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