Thursday, December 29, 2005

Florida Day 5

I friend just emailed me recently, something about enjoying the sunny weather and thinking about them in the pouring rain while I swam in the warm weather. Something like that. Um...yeah...sunny weather is a yes but no swimming. Orlando is in central Florida, the ocean is a couple of hours away, at least. There are lakes, tons of them but there are usually alligators in them. Yup, alligators. The weather has been really nice though, sunny, clear and cool. The best weather I've experienced in all my visits. I feel guilty not being outside.

Anyway I've just been hanging with the family, playing monopoly, watching cable tv, mall shopping, reading, napping, blogging (like now), eating and movie watching. My sister is 16 so we ain't hitting any bars any time soon. My stepdad's grandson is 14 and he was supposed to sleep over the other night but he was grounded. Too bad we had a night of Playstation 2 gaming planned. My stepdad and mom works during the day and I don't really have friends here. So yeah, just plain ol'hanging out, relaxing and being a homebody. Not working is also a big plus. There's a reason why I never got a laptop.

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