Thursday, December 22, 2005

Free Publicity

So a good friend and colleague works for the design firm that does a lot of design/ad work for Keen. Anyway she clued me in to this "Hybrid Life" thing. She hooked me up with a pair of Keen sandals during the summer and knows how much I love them. She also knows about my extra-curricular activies so she recommend I write up something and send it. Well here I am.

Look for Rick from San Fran. The photo was from the Cascade Crest Classic 100-Mile trail race in Easton, Washington, on the last week of August. This was 86 miles and about 23/24 hours into the race. This is on top of Mt. Thorpe, our last major climb. Mt Rainier is in the background but it's real faint. It was taken by my new friend Russ Kline. We met halfway through the reace and ended up running and hiking together from mile 60 onwards. His company was a tremendous help on the course especially during the night section. We kept ourselves awake and from getting lost. Russ's wife was also great, she would check on me after taking care of Russ. She met us at the aid stations that allowed crew access. She even brought me chicken broth for breakfast while I was doing blister repair...that was painful. Anyway more to come on a run report.

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