Thursday, December 08, 2005

Filipino Podcast

So I work at home. I get up, I hit the coffee machine then it's off to my computers. I love it however it does get a little lonely working alone all day and to combat this I make sure there is sound in the rooms at all times. I've got my music, the news and old sitcoms on TV and podcasts. Today I found a Filipino podcast station, nice. I really miss the place, family and friends - it's a holiday thing. I try to go back every other Christmas. I grew up there, have tons of family and just really enjoy myself every time I go back. Anyway the podcast is a collection of different podcasts from various authors. There's an entry from Jessica Zafra, she's a Filipino writer, witty and humorous. My uncle gave me one of her books the last time I was there. Really enjoyed the book, reads like a blog.

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