Thursday, October 02, 2008

What a Character

One amusing and funny interview by fellow TRT 08 finisher and blogger Gretchen.


  1. Will check it out! Thanks!

  2. So, smoking is good, right? Did he win? Also, I am sure you checked out pics by Glenn from Sparta. Gotta love the real characters:)

  3. Great Rio del Lago re-cap and pics, cool award too.

  4. j~mom: I think you'll enjoy it.

    olga: N.O. smoking is bad for you. Sparthalon, so crazy. The work that Scott is doing there is just amazing. 5th best time next to Yiannis. Recently I was at a bday party and I got to talking to this one girl who's dad it turned out used to compete with Yiannis and is good friends with him to this day. I looked up her dad, he wasn't too shabby. That's some crazy road race.

    bob: Javelina Jundred is calling your name!