Sunday, October 05, 2008

Quiet Weekend by the Bay

I'm on taper mode, have been for the past week. Kept the mileages low on the running stuff and spent more time on other activities. I didn't even bother crossing the bridge to Marin, kept it all in San Francisco. I also hung out with people I haven't seen in awhile and met new people which was also nice.

Anyway I'm displaying all my usual taper symptoms; aches and pains, sluggishness and increased appetite (increased craving for sugar). The quad muscle issue by my left knee that forced me to take a break during the summer is also back but I really think it's just my body trying to psyche me out. The body can be so funny/quirky sometimes. I'll stretch it out and massage it during the week but I'm sure it's fine. I've been ice bathing which has been really nice too. God willing I should be at the starting line of the Firetrails 50-miler come Saturday and we'll race to the sound of the Blue Angels. It's Fleet Week.




  1. What?!? You actually taper? :P ;-)

  2. Just tell your body, you're the boss. : ) Have a great race! That ones still on my "to-do" list...someday...

  3. (I'm secretly laughing on the inside)

    At least you weren't like me and set a 37-year old record for consuming beer at a rehearsal dinner/wedding. Jeez.

    Good luck with your taper. Something tells me you're gonna destroy the Firetrails course on Saturday anyways.

  4. I am hearing you on craving sugar during the taper. I felt like I was eating Skittles and M&M's constantly at the office during mine! :)

    I hope your taper goes well and that you will be all set for Firetrails. Good luck, Rick!

  5. WOOT!!! Take it easy while you taper!! Stay away from the sweets!!

  6. marcy: Yeah smarty!

    sarah: That would be a great day, you and Marc coming down here to race the 50 or you racing and him taking care of the little runner boy.

    jean: Boy, I tell ya, before races I just want to eat sugar but then after the race is done the craving disappears. That's why you saw a chocolate croissant on my Skyline to the Sea race report.

    j~mom: I'm tryin my best.

  7. mike: Wait till I tell you what I had Friday night. Man I hope so about doing well on Saturday. You never know with these long races. Sorry we'll miss you. Have fun at the wedding.

  8. No more than 5 lbs weight on, with all the beer you're discussing on the ultra list!

  9. Oh you know Olga, can't have all the other boozers have all the fun:)

  10. Squirt =P7:03 AM

    i really love that second shot of the bridge and the tree hanging around the edges.
    can't wait to be there again =]

  11. See you at Firetrails this weekend! I hope you are running so fast, you don't have time to say hi-- but I hope you do anyway!

  12. jennie: Thanks lady, hey haven't seen you and Chris in awhile.

    squirt: I got a membership at the new Academy of Sciences partly because of you so you better get your butt over come the holidays.

    victoria: See you at Firetrails. If I look all serious call me on it, I hate being all serious and stuff.