Friday, October 17, 2008

Rush Rush Rush

Wow I feel like I just participated in another 100-mile race, sure feels like it a bit; sleep deprivation, constant hustle and checking of the time, continuous ingestion of caffeine in the later stages, touches of grumpiness, moments of hysterical laughter and now a great big desire to just lay down and sleep. I haven't slept in my bed in two days.

Oh you know one big crazy deadline gets crazier and the other deadlines can't be postponed. I read somewhere the body doesn't differentiate from different sources of stress, stress is stress. Yeah I feel a lot beat down but very thankful. Work is good, especially when times are bad. The timing is perfect, I'm still recovering from the race and not running much anyway. I ran on Wednesday but it was still too soon. May dust off the road bike for the weekend. I can't wait to run an event again.

I am now going to head to my favorite wine bar for a couple with a good friend, then some good food and some zzz's. Hope you all are having a great weekend. I'll do my best not to get too buzzed despite heading over there on an empty stomach and a lot of stress to bleed. I'd hate to get drunk and start challenging people outside the bar to a 50-mile foot race. You all know I'm not ready yet. Haha. No that won't happen. I'm just trying to be funny. Here's a true story though. A long time ago, before I was a runner and a lush, I had run out of money at a bar I was at with friends. The ATM machine was 3 blocks away and it was raining. I ran there and back, felt no pain cause I was drunk. However I distinctly remember thinking, wow I should take up running, this feels great. Since that one night, I always ran to the ATM. True story.

Well ya'll have a good weekend.Dave is running his first 50-miler. Might be nice to go and wish him luck. I'm sure he won't mind.

Update: Nothing like a good friend, great food and comfy hangout place to relax in to bleed of some stress. Being in bed before midnight and sleeping in till 11AM also has a lot to do with this big smile on my face. I'm blessed with work so I still have more to do before I can go out and run but it's a very good thing.


  1. Don't ever talk about sleeping in 'til 11:00. Never ever again. Penalty for next offense is 1-weekend babysitting a 2 & 4 year old. Lucky bastard. Hope your body is recovering nicely. See you in a week.

  2. Mmmm... wine... sleep.

    Seems that was a good prediction of things to come, that run to the ATM!

  3. Good friend, great food and a comfy hangout there anything better? Sounds like a fantastic evening, and some well-earned relaxation! By the way, I enjoyed your running to the ATM story. It is always very interesting to hear how people's running career started!

    Enjoy your weekend, Rick!

  4. Ooooo sounds like fab weekend! Have fun! Don't try and run to the ATM machine drunk, k? :P

  5. hahahahah....ATM huh? ATM to Ultra madman....

    great story.

  6. The ATM story sounds like the one of DK: drunk, out on the streets, changed man...write a book, will ya? And share some profit with me for giving up an idea!

  7. Wasn't Dean drunk on his first long run? Or out drinking with friends?

  8. mike: I did it again on Saturday, well only till 10AM this time.

    victoria: Running still feels that good but with pain:) In the depths of my debauchery, rays of a brighter more healthier future.

    jean: It's one of my favorites. My story is little stories that finally came together. Hey if you are ever in this part of the country, I'll take you to the wine bar as well.

    marcy: No more drunk running to the ATM, I promise.

    dave: Haha more like a lush to ultra afficionado.

    olga: the difference of course is that I ran three blocks one way and three blocks back, I think he ran 30 miles that night. If I write a book it will be all about the fun characters I've me through running and blogging.

    j-mom: well he wasn't drunk, out with friends and just feeling like he needed to do something with his life. Something about a woman in there hitting on him too and him just wanting to get out of there. I like the part where he calls his wife for a ride home afterwards. I know the place where he ended up, quite a jaunt.