Friday, October 03, 2008

Victor Plata Video Race Report

This is a video that has been making the rounds it seems like. It was in our tri-club emails and now Facebook so I finally gave in and watched it. It's great! Nice to hear the play by play from the guy who won it with clips from the race for visuals.

"I started surging and after each surge Joe would just reel me back in." - Victor Plata

It's a basically a video race report by pro triathlete Victor Plata. He recently won the Pacific Grove Triathlon in Monterey. Nice popular race. Pros had their own start. For a minute there I was wondering why his wave was so small. Anyway the most interesting part is the run, not just saying that because I'm a runner. Got me going Watching this makes me miss triathlon, just a lil bit.

Enjoy. Oh I have enough of my own content but a break from me is a good thing no?

Video courtesy of Tri-California.


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  2. Fun right, I liked his matter of fact narration with a touch of humility.

  3. Dude just watching that made me tired. I'd rather run an ultra than do a triathlon LMAO!

  4. Oy, not to say that running an ultra is easy but, GAH you know what I mean :P

  5. oh come on marcy, you know you're just dying to run around in a tri suit:) Hey you nemesis is doing it, can't let her have all the fun. On the other hand she is in a warmer place.

  6. Like warmer helps me at all! HA! I double dog dare my nemesis to try a tri. ;>P

    Those guys are MACHINES!! Amazing!