Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Bad Dream

Last night I dreamt I was in a race, a road 10k to benefit some cause or another. It turned out to be some crazy bad dream, a race nightmare. I've never had a race anxiety dream, if I did I don't remember. Funny that I should have one now, I'm not racing again until the third week of July. Anyway the dream went this way:

I was late to the start. It started at 6AM and I showed up at 6:13AM.

My first mile took 22 minutes because trying to run fast in this dream was like running in knee deep mud and the faster I wanted to go the slower I got.

I got lost and ended up back at the start line after only 4k or so.

There were no markings or signs on the course for direction.

The volunteers and race staff tried to explain to me with a map how I could get back on track and at least finish the run. I couldn't understand their directions.

The race is in downtown San Francisco by my old college.

I also used to work in that part of town.

I quit eventually. I take the DNF (Did Not Finish).

Then I remember I've never dnf'ed a race and proceeded to tell the race director that I was going back out.

I was politely told that now I'm going to miss the cut off. They didn't think I could finish the remaining 6k in an hour and a half.

I believe them.

On my way out, I explain that I'm big on running and have run countless races and that this was going to be my first DNF - someone shushes me.

Embarrassed I leave the race. Then I wake up.



  1. Did you forget to turn in a lab assignment in college? Any chance you were wearing clown shoes or dressed like Little Bo Peep? Was Bob Gentile the race director?

  2. Haha Bob Gentile as race director. That would have been sweet. Blisters for everyone.

  3. Rick,did you stuff your face again before bedtime? Sounds like you're full of it and it went up to your head..ha ha ha...Scary how running has taken over your life. Maybe a little diversion is in order like sky diving or rock climbing ha ha ha.See ya soon.

  4. So you are coming to visit me! Just know that I will be pulling the old college trick of making sure the fridge and cupboards are empty and I'll be around looking hungry (when am I not). Then your mother instinct will kick in as usual and I'll have my favorite dishes simmering in no time.

    No sky diving for me though, unlike you I'm scared of heights.

  5. Hi Rick's mom!! We need to find Rick a nice girl, right? :>D

    Oh, hi Rick! :>)

  6. Thanks J~Mom you just bought me a long lecture on the phone and probably a longer lecture in person.

    You're killin' me over here:)

  7. Oh no...:<( My bad. But you know it's just that we need to get both you and Bob fixed up so we can have an ultra wedding weekend for all the bloggy peeps.

  8. I figured..but wasn't 100% sure. ;>)

  9. Hi J~Mom,glad someone else is sharing the same concern with this toooolong of a single life in the city....I agree 100% both Bob & Rick should start lookin' and stop draggin' their butts on this matter .....Pronto guys...picture an ultra wedding in Lake Tahoe.Rick will have a serious talk on this when I get there.

  10. ROFLMAO! Leave it to Lisa! See, she doesn't know how Moms like ours roll. HAHAHAA

    I hate those dreams! I have them a lot. The ones where you're running hard but not going anywhere. Wonder what that means?!!? Hmmmmm LOL

  11. Apparently I'm still dreaming...time to wake up!

  12. Marcy...Ive no idea, it's gotta be some anxiety thing. Wanting to move but can't.

  13. Oh, this is hilarious. The comment section is more entertaining than the original blog post (Sorry, Rick. Oh and sorry about the dreamed DNF, too. Chalk it up to a tough 10k.).

    When's Bob going to get here and chime in? His blogging sixth sense should be telling him that folks are talking about him. He'll arrive any minute, I suspect! But, what will Bob say, maybe something like this:

    "ROFLMAO! You PEEPS are tooooooo funneee. uR so funneee that I forget how to speLL funny and I forget what I'm supposed to CAPITALIZE. lol!

    Well, anyways, I'll drink to that one.
    --\__/-- Sluuuurp!"

    Sorry, Bob, you know it's all love!


  14. Squirt =P8:25 PM

    a new artist...
    check her out =]

  15. Meghan, you do a very good Bob...kind of scary really.

  16. Meghan~ That was so perfect!!! I was cracking up! How can I get Rick's comment section into bloglines?

  17. sigh))))

    some people have no time for ur sillyness and are in morning over the Western States being canceled :-(

    friggin BUMMER (how is that for some caps)

  18. It's a huge disappointment and I can't even imagine what the runners, their family and friends are feeling right now. My friend Carrie, the runner I was supposed to pace from mile 80-100, is there in Tahoe now with 8 members of her family who flew in from Indiana. This is her first 100 and everyone was looking forward to it; team caps, signs and everything.

    Race officials did the right thing. Even if there is no fire on the trails traversed by the race itself the smoke is pretty bad. No one should be running 100 miles in that nor should aid station personnel be manning aid stations in that soup.

    I just got back from a two hour late afternoon evening run. Even our sky is hazy here from the fires around our area and the sun was red from all the particles floating in the haze. I wouldn't run 100 miles in that and it's many times worse in the Sierras.

    Totally blows and not a thing we can do about it.

  19. Dude, I get running dreams, about half them anxiety ones, about 6-12 times a year, probably. I also get this recurrent dream that it's near the end of the school year and I haven't read ANY of the stories in my large English textbook and the exam is coming up.

    I feel so bad for all those WS runners. Even if you are I didn't finish Kettle, at least we started. My fingers are crossed for Tahoe. I wouldn't be surprised if that got cancelled. But wouldn't be as disappointing to me as States was to everyone who didn't get to run it.

    I really hope the whole state doesn't burn down. Wish we could better support all the firefighters.

  20. Overtrained? In need of some Tylenol PM, perhaps? Seriously though, that was quite a dream. If a pattern develops with those dreams, time to take a few days off. ;)