Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to Work

Recovery week is over and it has went well for the most part.The muscles surrounding the left knee is still sore but I can run on it. I am concerned that it's still giving me some back talk after a week of recovery but it's responding well to rest and active recovery. I got 6 miles out of it yesterday and it went just fine. Been working out every other day. I started with walking then walking with stairs. On Thursday I went to spin class and spun easy, no problems. Saturday I rode for 3 hours easy with friends, no issues. Sunday was the 6-mile run, some soreness but nothing that got worse after a certain point. I'm also finally over allergies that I acquired from running the race. I got back with red, itchy eyes, congestion and coughing, that too is finally on it's way out. I've had it before running the East Bay's trails but nothing that lasted as long. My appetite has been normal, no crazy cravings or eating over drive although I indulged a bit this weekend. One last hurrah before going back to normal training. We'll see what this week will bring. Weights are back in the mix to shore up everything before the next main event, the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 on July 19-20. I'm now busy getting my final papers done for that event. I have to submit proof of qualification that I've run ultras before and proof of my volunteer hours. They require 12 hours of trail work, community service or hours volunteering at a race. I've got enough hours since they also count part of last year but this weekend I'm volunteering at PCTR's Pacifica 50k just to throw in some fresh hours in the mix. It will also be a pleasure to watch and support other people racing. A perfect time to give back no?

Saturday's bike ride was, no, amazing. I hadn't been on my bike since the Wildflower Triathlon, after that race I was busy with the final preparations and training for Kettle Moraine. I kept up with the spin classes but hadn't been out on the road. The bike was tuned up before the triathlon and felt like butta out there. Felt good to move fast, quietly and gracefully. So much good for my legs. I also got to ride with good friends who I hardly get to ride with these days because of their Ironman training. Rangsiwan was still recovering from Ironman Brazil, Jessica is tapering for Ironman Coeur d'Alene (race is this weekend!) and Sammy, well Sammy is Jess's faithful training partner and those two are almost inseparable. We met up with other club mates, rode to the coast and back for an easy 3-hour "muffin" ride. There were good climbs, fast descents, and windy straight aways. There was riding through Redwoods, brown hills populated by cows and horses and a quick stop at a place they call the Bovine bakery which is a popular hangout for cyclists in the weekend. There was singing of show tunes but not by me. All followed by some beer and good food at the Marin Brewing Company. If there was music to go with all of this it would be Hawaiian....again. I can't seem to get enough of it this past week. No I don't understand Hawaiian but the Spirit of Aloha never left me when I left the islands. I think of it when the sun is shining and things are good. I should have had it on my player at KM100, the irony of it would have been good for a couple of laughs - not that I wasn't laughing already. I laugh when things start heading towards ridiculous. The people of KM100 had a lot of Aloha.

Speaking of recovery, my old Nikon is back. It just started working again. Nice huh. Three one hundred milers, countless training swims, rides and runs and it's still ticking. I also like my new Nikon, something I can take to dinner parties. The old Nikon looks like it's been out trail running; chipped, scratched and faded. It looks like how I felt after KM100.

DSCN0006.JPGClubmates / friends heading out on the same route.

DSCN0015.JPGHeading towards Pt. Reyes and Bovine Bakery.

DSCN0021.JPGThrough the trees on Lucas Valley road. Yes it really is named after George Lucas.

DSCN0025.JPGEnjoying my post ride beer at the Marin Brewing Company.

DSCN0027.JPGThe sistahs enjoying their beer; Jessica, Rangsiwan and Sam. Yes I ride with girls and they're the iron women type. I can't hang when their rides start breaking 60-miles because it messes with my ultra training. Those beers are looking pretty good right now.

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  1. Damn that beer looks good. I hope one day I can casually bike 3 hours and run an easy 6-miler with no problems only a few days after a 100-miler. Good luck with the remaining recovery.

  2. Mike I made myself thirsty preparing this post. How's the IT? The muscle that's bugging my knee is opposite the IT, been hitting the foam roller. It's a lot of pain and silent screaming.

  3. There's nothing wrong with riding with girls. Especially if you're in the back looking forward :P

    Dude you're amazing. I can't believe you're starting back up already. No rest for the weary, eh?m ;-)

  4. Neat times, indeed. Summer is fun!

  5. Hey Rick,

    I need to start riding my bike again after States. Let me know next time you are crossing the bridge.


  6. Ah Marcy, you know how it is, lots of races, not wanting to miss out and the desire to race again.

    Olga, a snow pack at Bighorn? I'll be thinking of you.

    Hey Gary, sounds like a plan. Coach Neil has your contact info right? Good luck at Western. I'll be at Foresthill, spectating and pacing later in the night.

  7. BTW, You gotta give Ultraman some thoughts. It is your kind of event.
    31 out of 35 spots at Ultraman is filled, still a few spots left...

  8. You're doing something right! And that beer does look good!

  9. Oh it looks like fun! Good thing you didn't crash whilst taking the on-the-move fotos, yo! No death and maming.

    Oh, nice sleeveles jersey. Tee hee. ;)


  10. Gary, you give my swimming and biking too much credit. It would never make it through ultra man. I was at track tonight talking with Coach Duane, that's a lot of swimming and biking before you start the double marathon.

    Sarah, they were good. Yet another reason to like Marin.

    Meghan, I promise, no death and maiming. I also take the pics when I'm the absolute last person on the line. The sleeveless jersey...that was a bad choice:) What I thought it was going to be sunny and warm there.

  11. That one shot on the bikes riding through the trees looks amazing! You realize that I NEVER get to ride though anything like that? LOL I am lucky if I catch some shade from a cactus now and then. :>P

    Nice job Rick getting back to it!

  12. J~Mom!, I've been to Arizona once. I don't know how you kids do it.

  13. Wow, that Bovine Bakery looks like a great place. I would give anything to have something like that in my neighborhood!

    What a fun day your Saturday must have been...plenty of good exercise, great friends, and some tasty craft brew. Not a bad day!

    Keep recovering well, Rick!

  14. Glad you're back on track an recovered from Kettle. I am as well... I ran with you (Behind you) and finished 11th. I'll be sure to keep coming back to visit your Blog. Happy trails...