Monday, March 03, 2008


Thank goodness it's Monday, rest from the long workouts. Club meeting tonight with a Dr. Something talking and instructing about mental training. 8 years into running and 5 years into triathlon I've developed a little bit of that "I know all that already" and I'm fighting it. I'd like to grow old in these activities gracefully with an open mind for constant learning. Besides I'm not so sure I'm not losing some brain cells constantly pushing myself in these endurance activities, refreshers on topics I've already heard and read about is a probably a good thing.

I'd like to thank those who have shared their sympathies about my wind incident on my last post. I was feeling quite the wimp after that episode and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about the wind.

The weather has been downright beautiful here, mid-70s and sunny, with just that slight bite in the air to remind you that you are in San Francisco. Marin's hills were full of people. We had armies of high school kids cleaning the beaches and pulling weeds on the trails. There were families having picnics in the hills overlooking the ocean. Fathers and mothers carrying small children in their baby packs while hiking on single track trails. Ran into Jason and his purty running partner at the top of a climb; "oh hello Jason, who's your friend?" Haha, Jason you sold me out man! Well actually it was the other way around. I needed 6 hours, they were going only for 2 so I excused myself.

Lastly I'm 7 for 7 for ice baths. I've gotten a lot of reading done in the tub this past week, although I always have to re-read the material I've read the first two minutes. The initial shock always knocks the comprehension right out of me.


  1. Ah man, I need to try an ice bath. I know it would be good for my muscles. I am sure you are already at your meeting but next time approach it with an attitude of needing fresh blog material. :>)

  2. Glad that the wind died down and you're back to that beautiful, Bay Area weather! Run on! : )

  3. maybe you should try something different like a short and fast event? Try for a PR in a 5k? Try a bike TT race?

  4. OMG Ice baths make me cringe. I don't think I could ever LOL

    Anthony has a good point about the shorter distances. You could SOOO rock it, Mr Speedy!

  5. Not only do you SIT in an ice bath, you manage to read in it?? You are my hero, really. Lake after Hagg 50k was the best I could ever muster, for a full 6 min:)

  6. Anthony, Marcy, I am flattered by the your confidence in me but I would get killed in the shorter distances. I ain't that fast. In any case I am perfectly happy in the long events. It's why I'm in ultra.