Saturday, March 22, 2008

Short and Sweet

Okay so that race went really fast. I mean the whole experience felt like it happened in the blink of an eye. I started and then I was done. I think my training weekends has smacked me around so much this year that the 50k race felt like an absolute pleasure.

Pirates Cove 50k = Unofficial time of 4:55+
Total Elevation Gain 5640, same for loss
Perfect sunny but not hot weather

I pushed hard out there and it was uncomfortable at times but I was exceeding my own expectations and was totally psyched. I'm a praying man and I kept sending prayers of thanks - for the weather, the course, my friends, my health, the resources that made it happen, everything. It was an amazing time.

I pushed to test my fitness and I'm glad to say that it's where I expected it to be, well actually to be totally honest, I didn't expect a sub-5 finish. This is my first time running this race but my experience in these trails had me predicting a 5:30ish run time. I'm pretty pleased and besides a sore left abductor muscle (inner thigh) I'm good. I already hit the ice bath andeverything is fine and dandy.

Another fantastic PCTR event. A bunch of my friends came and did the shorter distances the 20k and 30k. They made me feel like quite the rockstar when they cheered for me when I came in to the finish for the first time after completing the 30k and again at the finish, this time for good, after finishing the 20k loop to make it 50. Met some really nice runners and got re-connected with old friends. I wasn't hungry afterwards but sat on the grass with the gang and chatted with the other runners in our vicinity.

Quick report and pics to follow. My camera was acting up at the start so I'm waiting for pics from friends Samantha and Jessica. Much thanks to Spamsi for picking me up and dropping me off after the race. With a lot of daylight left I think I'm going to go and do something normal relaxing like walking down to Yerba Buena gardens and reading a book. I got back my book,Lore of Running by Tim Noakes, MD from another runner today. Too bad the museums are already closed. I might even pick up that part I need to fix the cranky toilet. I tell ya that race was like a splash of cold water on my face, invigorating. Must take advantage before I crash.

P.S. To the non-runners and non-ultra types, I wasn't being facetious about calling a 50k short, it's all relative. Based on my experience in the US ultra scene, a 50k is a short race.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Love your report! I love the feeling of being out there in nature and praying. There is just something about the beauty that brings out the best in us. :>D

  2. Sounds most excellent homie :-) Killer job!!

  3. That's awesome! What a boost to see that everything is coming together in your training. Sounds like the perfect day.

  4. Good to see you again Rick...nice work on pushing sub-5, not an easy course to do so, well done.

    Will G.

  5. Sounds like a perfect prep run for Diablo! You're clicking along very well lately.