Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Rides Continue

Video by jimbeisuzuki courtesy of Anthony E. The footage is rough but sweet, turn down your speakers because of the sound of the wind. You get a great view of the front and the back of a pack.

So it's been kind of a somber week for me because of what happened last weekend to those cyclists. I didn't know them personally but I can't get the incident out of my mind. Just tragic you know. Like that time 2 years ago this month, when a runner was killed here running in the Presidio. A victim of a hit and run, the driver responsible was never found. She was training for the LA Marathon. 2 years later the flowers are still there, I pass by the spot all the time when I'm training in the Presidio.

Anyway today Anthony E. sends me this video. He races bikes and on Tuesday nights they do this "Port of Oakland" ride which seems like, as I understand it, a big circuit around the deserted roads of the Port at night. Kind of like track for cyclists. One of the riders attached a camera on his bike and captured this vid. At first you think it's only him and two buddies until he slows down and you realize he was at the front of a pack. Soon he's surrounded and you get to feel what it's like to be riding inside a pack through the straight aways and turns. Lifted me up, thoroughly enjoyed it.

"This is how I spend my Tuesday nights. This is about a lap and a half. The main group does this for about an hour. lots of fun. :) If you look carefully, I'm in there rolling along. - Anthony"

The riding and racing will continue...

As for my running. The 6 hour "beat downs" on Sundays are in full swing and they have left me crawling out of bed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I haven't said anything because I'm afraid I'd start whining about the aches and pains and those endless hills. I had to skip track this week because the left hammy was tight and "biting", sa'll right now though, nothing a little rest and active recovery won't fix. The swims have started, I can't say it enough - I hate the pool!


  1. Cool video!

    It is getting to be that time when I am starting to see more bikers on the roads now that the weather has broken. Drivers really need to be aware.

    Stay safe, Rick. And continued success with your riding and your Sunday "6 hour beat downs!" :)

  2. Nice vid!! Thanks for sharing it :-)

    Ahhhhh "Beat Down" Sundays. Sounds really pleasant :P How 'bout I just take a sledge hammer to your legs hehe. Only playin!


    Great to see you last night! Had I know it was a threshold test I may not have gone! Just kidding.

  4. Squirt =P8:14 AM

    still hating on that water i
    takes me back to the time i went to the water with ya and sat on the side and you took SOO LONG to finally get into the water, ahha.
    reminds me of eddy when he's about to get a bath =P
    anywho, don't feel too somber cause you've got a sausage waiting for ya here =]

  5. That video is really cool!! How fast do you think they were going? I like the pool when I actually get there. It's getting up to go that I hate. :>P

  6. Neat video! Be nice to yourself on those runs. : )

  7. To me it looks scary, tight pack of riders at night on the roads...but whatever serves your fancy. I am with you on pool for sure, I tried once and got out after 2 laps recently:) Hooray for 6 hrs tortures! They are good for you, you know...well, may be not for you, but for some crazy things you plan to do in the summer:)

  8. Very cool vid. Are those guys riding without lights?

    Way to crank out those Sunday runs!

  9. I watched that video...whew, I need to take an ice bath now :-)

    Hey Rick we might be able to figure something out when u come into town for that Sunday...You, Olga & I go for a nice FL run and catch a brunch afterwards and talk about MY upcoming KM race--LOL oh ya we can talk a little about ur upcoming KM race also but mostly we will talk about ME---HAAHHA

    ... I will let you know more this week about the meeting spot but all three of us can meet up somewhere relatively close.....can you say HUMIDITY - LOL