Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Running for Your Upper Body

Local speedster, Chikara Omine, fast in many distances. He ran the mornings Emerald 12k which finished at our swimming venue. I took in a quick Bay swim before a run. Some of the gang after the swim.

Speaking of swimming. I got back into it in a big way last week, hit the pool 3 times and got in my first Bay swim of the year...brrrr..... Anticipating a cutback/backdown week in my running I just swam and biked more. So in the end I was still draggin around all of Monday but at least my legs were not so beat up. After three weeks of building up my strength, endurance and speed, I backed down this weekend with a simple 2 hour run. It was worth at least 2.5 since I had to run with my pack filled with my wet swim gear; wetsuit, towel, clothes, googles and 3 x 25 ounce bottles of Carbo Pro. Sunday morning was definitely one of those times that I wished I owned a car so I would have a place to store things. Good workout though.

This week I am also doing a mini little taper heading into my first race of the season - Pirate's Cove 50k. Not much of a taper really but I'd like to do that race with a little more zing in my steps than I usually do in my training runs.

So yeah I've been hitting the pool. I'm the slowest swimmer I know but there is no "tri" without the "swim" and I wouldn't have it any other way. My good friend Jessica gave me some pool workouts to follow, she used to coach a high school team. Check this picture of her, this is another way to do an ice bath. Personally I prefer the tub and silent screaming in the privacy of my own bathroom but to each his own.

Getting excited about the race this coming weekend. I'm eager to pin a number in the old shorts and get one in the books for 08. It's exactly where I do most of my training so no surprises there but many friends are coming and I'm eager to catch up with Will G. and talk to him about his race at Cool Canyon 50k - he ran a quick 4:26. Tough competition though, real tough with Oregon sweeping the first three places. Those Pacific Northwest kids, so fast.


  1. Good luck at the 50k this weekend.

  2. With that method at least you don't have to sit in the icy water! Good luck and have fun at your race. : )

  3. Welcome to 2008 season - last one was a blast, wasn't it? I hope this year brings you as mush great results and as many great friends!

  4. LMAO at this "Personally I prefer the tub and silent screaming in the privacy of my own bathroom"

    Silent screaming?!? Lord it would probably sound like I was giving birth :P

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  6. Have a great time at Pirates Cove! I had a wonderful time doing the 30k last year (my longest trail run up to then) and am sad I won't be out there this year.

    Hope the weather stays perfect!

  7. Have a Great First Race of the 08' season this Weekend Rick!!

    and enjoy ur ICE BATH afterwards :-)

    Happy Easter!