Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Pictures for Words

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, I'd settle for 100.

The opposite of my favorite late evening runs, an early morning run. Wakey, wakey San Francisco, the weekend is upon us.

Home James! Returning to San Francisco from Hawk Hill, at the mouth of the bay on the Marin side of the bridge.

Food, where?! At the V. Sattui winery in Napa, Valley. Amazing deli and store but too crowded! Image courtesy of Diana.

At Sterling Vineyards, on the northern side of Napa, Valley. By the way here's a little trivia. The most visited winery in the US isn't in Napa or Sonoma Valley. It's not even in California, it's in North Carolina. The second is in Maui, Hawaii. So they say. If it's in the internet it must be true. Image courtesy of Diana.


  1. That's a whole lot of cheese hehe! Beautiful pics, as always ;-)

  2. Very nice pics! I'd say they're worth 1000 words, at least.

  3. great photos! That cheese looks delicious :D

  4. I saw the cheese and instantly thought of V. Sattui. DH and I have been there twice. OMIHECK that makes me want to go again. I seriously thought I was in heaven sitting on the lawn eating cheese and bread and sipping wine.

  5. Rick, I have had some Cabernet from Sterling Vineyards, and I remember it being really good stuff. I see they have scenery to match! And oh my goodness, look at all that wonderful cheese! I am salivating. :)

    Looks like it was a great time!

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Rick,I've made up my mind to grace you with a visit soon.....those delicious cheeeeese are just waiting for moi.

  7. Rick,I still get confused with this.Your dingbat sister told me to put anonymous.

  8. What a beautiful morning sight that must be. Awesome pics Rick.I'm your No.1 fun when it comes to taking pictures not because I'm you're mom of course.But an artist to another.