Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Track is Back On

Actually they already started last week but I had to take my good friends to the airport so tonight was my first night. Two years ago I did my first track workout here, with this club and in this track, and like that first time two years ago it was raining. Brrr... at least the wind wasn't whipping around like it usually did on a normal night. These months are the toughest for track, it's dark by 6PM, workout starts at 7PM, and it can be cold and rainy. Spring months are the best, runners out in force training for events, no rain, and light out till 8:30PM.

The workout for the evening was a short warmup and a two mile time trial. These always hurt, speed hurts, especially when it takes me such a long time to warm up. It was what it was and I gunned it when I had to. The first 3 laps the engine was still cold, laps 4-6 I was warmed up and passing folks who went out too fast, laps 7-8 were the best and most painful.

Mile 1 = 6:55
Mile 2 = 6:43
For a total of = 13:38

Frankly I fared better than I thought. The time drops by about 30 seconds as the season progresses; I lose more weight and I get in better shape. Nothing under 13 though, nothing recorded anyway. My top speed for the single mile hovers around 6:20. For me to achieve a sub-13 I believe I would have to tweak my diet even more and focus solely on running. We'll see at the end of the year or maybe by this summer before I start hitting the 100's.

It was a good night, soaked to the bone and splashing around the track with the other runners. Even got a "go Golden Gate" from our companion club "SF Triathlon". What a nice bunch of folks. Always hardy and ready to go. When we finished we were a sight, all "steaming" in the rain. It was a good, good time at track tonight. I hit the gym afterwards, grinning ear to ear.


  1. Hey Rick-

    Interesting post...I've always used the 2m as an indicator of my speed/fitness over the years. Curious what some of your club mates are laying down?

    Hope all is well.

    Next up: Way Too Cool 50K 3/8

    Will G.

  2. Hey speedy, I'll borrow those leggers! Ahhhh it would be just a dream to dip into the 6's LOL

  3. Holly cow, you're fast! I am glad I am not running anything with you this year:) My best mile WAS 6:20, of course it was 5 years ago...BTW, what is the other 100 besides Kettle?

  4. Nice two mile time trial. I keep reading about all these people doing track workouts. I am now getting the bug.

  5. You've definitely got a sub-13 in you - you just need to taper back some of those ultra workouts!

  6. That is pretty cool! You got some speedy legs there bro!

  7. nice job at the track! That's some serious speed you have :)

  8. Nice! I haven't done a track workout since high school. I have no idea how fast I can go. Maybe I'll try it sometime. : )

  9. Oh, so that was your track workout. You make me feel guilty.