Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wisconsin in June

My heart's still beating fast and my fingers are cold. Just signed up for my first 100-mile race for the year. Woof I need to sit down, wait I am sitting down:) So Wisconsin it is in June. I'll be there to see Mark defend his 100-mile title. It's the same weekend as my Mother's birthday. If I finish I might just give her the little copper kettle they give away to finishers. I'd prefer a belt buckle like the ones they give away at most U.S. 100-Mile races but I'll take the kettle.

At $115 it's a cheap race. Why that only works out to $1.15 per mile, what a bargain! Not too hilly either but I heard it can be quite technical on the footing. Plus I have a cousin who lives there who would totally hook me up with some sleeping space. I haven't told her yet that it's a 100-mile race, I just told her that I would be gone all weekend. She gave me a strange look but I didn't elaborate - we met up in the Philippines during the holidays. I never know how to tell people who don't run about my running habit. It's kind of a conversation stopper and I don't like that kind of attention. They give you that look like you're crazy, which drives ME crazy. We all know I'm not anyway, right? It's just a long race. Like a marathon but several times over with hills, nothing crazy about that. good friend J-Few mentioned that I can stop by her mom's place for some good home cookin', only 10 minutes from the race site. I'm flattered and honored although I'm kind of shy about that kind of stuff. In my own blog I can spout all kinds of nonsense but I don't know if I can actually knock on the door of someone's home that I don't know personally just to eat. I mean you know...kind of embarrassing and if I do it after the race I'll smell like a wild animal and probably look like one too:)

Aite Bob, I'm in, let me know when you finally sign up.


  1. Very cool! Rick, you will enjoy Wisconsin. It is a very pretty state, and of course, all of us Midwestern folks are very hospitable! Plus, if you like things like bratwurst and cheese, they have some of the best in all the US! :)

    Good luck with your training!

  2. SWeeeeett!! Sounds like you have the hookup! When is it in June? My B-day is in June too. Good peeps are born in that month :P

    ROFLMAO I like this "It's just a long race. Like a marathon but several times over with hills, nothing crazy about that."

    Yeah, totally like a marathon . . . NOT :P It's def cool though ;-)

  3. Sounds awesome!! Hopefully in 2009 Team Bob can all meet at one of the ultras!

  4. Hey good luck with the training!

    I can't believe you actually compute the cost per mile. I guess anything divided over 100 miles comes out cheap anyway :)

    By the way, giving the kettle to your mom is such a sweet gesture. Pogi points for you. haha

  5. You should get a major PR. Don't disappoint:)

  6. Woohoo! Sounds humid. But I'm sure you'll do well. : )

  7. Check out Tom Riley's race report from last year:

  8. KMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM woo Hoo ...I am IN!!

    IN for what well WE will find out--lol

    Going to be blast Bro to at least toe the line with you & then watch u take off and leave me in the dust & then I can see you going back out as I come in :-) just make sure u have cold beers waiting for me at the end...

  9. Squirt =P9:27 PM

    rick can't take free food even when it's offered?
    whatever sucka.
    i guess you're gonna have to mooch it all off from your cousin then =P
    wait a sec...what cousin is this?

  10. Uh oh... it sounds like there is a story with a cousin... ; )

  11. ahhhhhh OK Rick I put the KM countdown up u can stop by and check out Daily

    120 days 10hrs 20 mins to go lolol

    dam thing I am taking it down, been up for 30 seconds and it's stressing me out already :-(

  12. Awesome! I wish I could travel to more races around the country. I'm sure you'll be ready.