Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday: Things That Make you go "Huh"

"Callout obstacles! Signal for your turns!" Coach Neil, laying down the laws and etiquette for bike riding.

So I volunteered for our beginner focused triathlon group as planned. These workouts do very little for my own training but I'm a big believer in the whole "giving back" thing and I think I've managed to arrange a schedule that will satisfy both my training and my desire to volunteer. This is my third year being involved and my 6th team, we usually have one in the Spring and one group in the Fall. It's a rewarding experience watching people grow and pick up new skills. The best part is some of these guys and gals return the favor and either volunteer for races, get involved with the club or both. Of the current club board of 14, 5 or 6 are former members of this group, 4 of which are from last years Spring group.

The remains of one bike.

After the lecture but before the group ride, everyone was supposed to do an equipment check. As volunteers we were supposed to go through the participants and make sure they were all set. I had one rider who used a c02 cartridge to pump up his tires but he used one cartridge on both wheels so he had two half pumped tires. We got him all set up and I suggested he get a floor pump with a gauge. Then we had one participant however who had no bike at all but remnants of a bike. She had shipped the bike from Maine and it was lost in the mail. Her brother in-law wisely took off some items off the bike before it was shipped; nice top of the line pedals, water bottle holders, bike computer, bike pouch, other misc. bike parts and one back wheel. These were the items she brought to practice, I'm not sure why. It was strange she had the back wheel but not the front. The front was the one you usually detach off the bike, there was some strange things to this situation. It was funny and sad at the same time. Wisely she insured the package so she should be able to file her claim and get a new bike, hopefully sometime soon. Somewhere out there is a stripped down road bike with no back wheel.

Every year there's always something that makes me go "huh...".


  1. I wish they had groups like that over here in manila---and volunteers like you too. It's great that you can find the time to give back. That's a thing that makes me go "Awww."

  2. You are the bet at "giving back" ;-) and still the best mailman around hehe

  3. I am as perplexed as you! Who leaves the front wheel on and ships the back wheel seperately? Humm.....

  4. I think it's awesome how much time you volunteer and give back.

  5. That is odd about the array of bike parts and that she brought them along in pieces. Maybe she wanted to feel like she belonged, even with what little she had.

  6. You rock, man, with all the helping around area to all and each!
    So, when Neil says "Yell out objects", with a speed bike goes, can you still prevent hitting it? Just wonder, what do I know...
    I am with Sarah, I think she wanted to explain she was supposed to have a bike, and it just didn't pan out...yikes!

  7. Squirt =P8:03 AM

    I couldn't help but laugh about the whole situation with that lady's bike.
    Forget the huh, more like WHAT THE HECK?! lol
    If I were her, I would've laughed histerically while carrying those parts to this so called beginner training thing. aha.

  8. Nice job giving back to the tri community. It's good to balance our personal pursuits with helping others out as well.

  9. So i seen this dude today in FL riding a stripped down bike with just a front wheel and I said HUH?

    then I read ur post and it all made sense.


    Hope he is on the way to SF :-) to meet up with the other half.