Sunday, February 17, 2008

Of Spandex and Tight Fitting Bike Shorts

Death to drafters, it's like "tailgating" - for you folks not up with the bike lingo. Ok not really, the skull and crossbones say "no" but the eyes say "yes".

I got back on the bike saddle this week, my crotch and butt can attest. Hit my first spin class Thursday night, my hot date was a state of the art Cyclops spin bike. Totally whupped me but I was saved by my running fitness. Nevertheless my power wattage was 75-80% of what it used to be. Then Saturday I went for a 40-mile ride with friends. It should have been a Friday morning ride but when I heard it was going to be in the mid-40s in the morning I promptly turned off the alarm clock. Anyway I managed to get a good ride in without taxing my legs too much but nevertheless my legs felt less than stellar during my 5.5 hour run today. That's another post however. No more back to back long rides and long runs! They whupped me last year and it's gonna whup me again.

B and his main squeeze, Spamsi. Couples that ride together... Spams is training for Ironman Brazil. I was supposed to go but I went to the Philippines instead for the holidays and there went my Brazil fund.

We ran into friends throughout the ride. Here's Karen in red, former club pres and still sporting the colors after all these years.


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  2. Mid- 40's makes you turn off the alarm? I forget how spoiled you Californian's are. ; ) : )

  3. Rick, what was the logo on? Bike shorts? I started laughing!

  4. Me. Me. I'm spoiled.

    I can tolerate cold on a run since I always run hot but on a bike I take a very long time to warm up and never as warm as when I am running.

  5. Jennie, it was on the back of her jersey, lower right. You can see it on the other pics.

  6. LOL!! You know, I often wondered how painful it must be for you men on the saddle :P

  7. -spams7:32 AM

    wahoooo! I'm famous! Hope you're butt feels better today! =)

  8. I can't tell you how jealous I am that you get to ride with people. I don't know what my deal is that I am so afraid to ride in a pack. When I was running on Saturday morning a group of 7-8 riders together passed me and I seriously stopped and went,
    "Dang, that looks like fun." I need to find a group. LOL

    You totally rock!! Nice job!

  9. nice job on the back to back workouts!

    I feel you on the 40 degree weather :D

  10. I did miss your 5.5 hr run...oops! I just saw bikes and 40F with rain:) We have 60 and sun! Did OR and CA make a switch?

  11. I'll stick with the back to back long runs. I think you should do the same, but again I am biased towards running and I know you're a multisport athlete. You must be a jack of all trades.

  12. Mid 40's? Dude, I am begging for mid 40's! :)

    That is a cool logo, too!