Sunday, November 05, 2006

Treasure Island Sunday

Keep Still
Keep still Barbara! Body marking my friend Barbara who is a TAG participant.

Treasure Island Saturday

Today was the Treasure Island Sprint, the shorter, smaller race. This event had a number of kids in it, they even had their own start. The youngest one I saw was 9 years old. Kids come in two sizes I've noticed, those large for their age and those who look like kids. This 9 year old was the latter, she was adorably tiny. One of my strides was probably two of hers and I'm short. Ah but she was inspiring to watch, I believe she was the last one to head out on the run. Her form was good and the look on her face was one of control - cool, calm and collected. She was great.

It was a much more laid back day and these were the newest of the new which resulted in some comical moments and a lot of rule breaking. A lot of leeway was given however, fun and enjoyment was paramount. First there was the one mom who entered the transition area to help her daughter transition from the swim to the bike. Mom was standing on the sidelines when she saw her daughter having a hard time taking off her wetsuit. So she rushed in there to yank the wetsuit off and help her with her things. Her daughter by the way is a grown woman. This went on for like 15 minutes before someone finally had to tell mom to go. Second there was the participants who had flats who didn't know how to fix them...seriously. Some of them probably racked their bike without checking their tires. I personally helped two participants with their flats during the race which is a big no no. There there were also the folks who go on the run with their helmet still attached to their heads, sometimes the helmet is even on backwards. I caught one with his helmet on and sent him back. The start was funnier, I had all these people who didn't want their age in their calf or looked so embarrassed. Sorry gotta put it on. One woman told me 29 to which I replied, "no seriously".

Ah it was a funny day but there were inspiring moments too like watching those kids race. I saw a father and son racing together. I met a Mom who was volunteering while her 12yr. old daughter was participating, something they do. I witnessed a single leg amputee with a prosthetic head out for the run while being cheered on by friends some of which were also single leg amputee's. The crowd went wild when this 18yr. old girl finished. And from yesterday, during the Pro race which started at 12 noon after most of the participants have finished, I saw the last regular participant finish along with the Pros. The elites were so fast that they caught up to this athlete towards the end of her run. This finisher, a member of team in training, comes down the final stretch with two pacers in tow. Most of us had been cheering the pros and were not even aware there was still a regular participant from the mornings race. As the purple jersey gets close the crowd goes wild again. One female pro had to swerve around her and her two pacers just to get to the finish. That was just the best.

Great day, great day, maybe I'm just easily pleased but I don't think so. These are truly good times and they have been inabundance lately like our weather. Remember that run I wanted to take today? I took it this evening under a full moon, it was so bright I could read the numbers on my watch. Clear sky and no wind with the bay glassy, the light of the Golden Gate Bridge reflecting off the water. Warm temperatures, my two layers was too much. I enjoyed myself so much I did a double loop out on Crissy Field before heading home. The weekend was home baked apple pie good and this evening's run was like pure genuine vanilla ice cream heaped on top, none of that low-fat stuff. It was the perfect activity in perfect conditions to unwind, release and think.


  1. Dude, I am jealous! read my response to your comment:)

  2. Now I know why you volunteer so much....its a lot of fun! Oh how I wish you had a picture of the runners with their bike helmets on. : )

  3. Rick-

    Off-topic again, just a friendly heads up...if you have not seen it yet (as per my last comment), you might be interested in eBay item# 300046309975 (US 9.5)

    Nice work on the volunteering.

    [wow, pretty girls pictured all over your blog].

  4. Oh thanks squirrel. I'm on it!