Saturday, November 04, 2006

Treasure Island Saturday

Sasser Again
Sasser again, ran into her at Volunteer's Lounge. I had pasta in my mouth, thus the sour smile.

So I was up early, on my feet for about 9.5 hours followed by an 8 minute run and a 20 minute walk after I got home —so that's worth at least a 10k for effort right? Ok you're right, maybe even more say 15k. 15k run it is. Again volunteering was a lot of work but amazingly fun. After getting home, despite being tired, I went out for what should have been a 9-mile run. Tired but was eager to unwind outside with a nice run. Unfortunately my left achilles started to bother me and the pain didn't go away so I called it. Pushing forward with a run while tired with some nagging pain seemed like a recipe for an injury. I think I know how I did it too. At 5:30AM it was warm and the skies were clear, by race time at 7:30AM the fog rolled it and it got cold, even had some drizzle. To keep warm, because I didn't bring enough layers and was dressed in shorts, I would jump in place - think jump rope. Also while "body marking" I was constantly standing up and squatting down, even manuevering around people while in the squat position. I'm pretty sure those activities strained that area somehow. The good news is that it's minor and will probably clear up by tomorrow. Sunday will be a shorter day and I hope to get in a 3hr run when I get home. If the achilles is fine I shall be out.

Body marking was not as fun as I thought it would be especially when it was only me doing it at first. Luckily the long line was soon spotted coming out of the transition area and reinforcements arrived quickly. Marking people's arms are not a problem, having to get down to mark their legs is a pain, especially when you have to maneuver around them. Numbers with curves is a pain, more angles the better. I did get a compliment on my penmanship from one of the athletes, she said my numbers looked better than what she got. After all the body marking was done I was moved to traffic control in the transition area. We were constantly clearing the main path that the bikers and runners used, directing the bikers and runners and keeping them from running into each other.

So now it's off to a shower, a meal and a home movie. Turning in early tonight to do it all again tomorrow. Got lots of pics, will combine with tomorrow's before posting. Probably going to ice the achilles just in case...ok not probably, WILL ice the achilles.


  1. I thought I was experiencing Deja Vu when I saw the picture. I think volunteering at running events and tearing off tags at the finish line sounds much easier than marking numbers on people.

  2. Yeek, that's tough! Take care of that Achilles, man!
    Volunteering IS fun...and a blanket for your soul. It is wonderful to help and may be bring a tiny difference, and feels good to be needed (or at least think that I am needed while everybody out there in real world is pretty self sufficient). Giving moral support and praise is the best thing to do.