Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Like a Wild Dog

I apologize if this whole sea lion thing is not your thing but I'm fully...what's the word? I'm interested in the developing story. So now they are saying that sea lion has bit 14 and chased 10 people out. No one has been seriously hurt but no one quite knows how to deal with this. Apparently this has never happened before. Here's a couple of my favorite quotes from todays news.

"Biologists are at a loss to explain the eccentric behavior that has forced the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park to close the lagoon to swimmers until the marauding mammal moves on. Experts say the animal could be protecting his harem of mates or might have brain damage from toxic algae."

"The sea lion followed her out of the water and then bit her again. They couldn't get out of the water fast enough."

Kind of crazy, I'm sorry for the victims but at the same time I'm amused about the whole thing. I'd rather take a sea lion swiming than a dog anyday. Here is the link to the full story, they even got pics. My money is on the harem theory.

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  1. Squirt =P5:11 AM

    Rick, you're such a NUT HEAD!
    But the story is amusing.
    Can't believe they think that the sea lions have "toxic algae"...PSHT!
    Anyway, in school and Ash says, "Hi!!!"
    K peace out.