Friday, November 10, 2006

Of Women and Cheap Beer

Before heading out for my lunch run today I got an email from some of the guys at church organizing an after work burgerfest. I said sure if I could make it since I had work commitments in Marin. So I go for my run and I come back to a number of emails on the matter. Apparently a couple of the girls found out and wanted to see if the guys would rather join them for a drink instead and have dinner later. Both ladies are members of the San Francisco Chapter of the Elk Lodge and rumor has it that not only is it a great, cozy, manly place to enjoy a brew it is also very cheap - forget happy hour. So what do you think happened next? If you guessed that the promise of cheap good beer by two young ladies was enough to derail the burgerfest of the men then you would be um...wrong. I know, I know, I was surprised too. The men will have their food and if their is time to hang with the women then so be it. Good to know there are some men who can keep their focus:) As one of the guys put it "one can’t be very suave with the ladies if one is famished…"

I think I will join them for some burgers, maybe a Turkey one for me and no beer at all. I'm racing tomorrow, alcohol the day before slows me down further.


  1. I wonder what the ladies may not get another invitation, dude:) All this chat for men's friendship - get any of them a gal, they'd be gone. But is there a chance you didn't like the girls? Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Good luck with the race tomorrow.

    I probably would have chosen the drinks with the ladies. Burgers with the guys gets old as we get older. Of course, then there is a renewed interest in burgers and beers with the guys the longer we have been married.

  3. The girls are great...bu we see them all the time. I did get those burgers and I think that was the best turkey burger I've had in awhile. I did however drop off the men at the Lodge, 2.5 hours later the ladies were still there.

    No beer for me. Shower and some rest. I'm actually going to try to rest for this one. Promises to rain tonight and tomorrow so I could use a sharper mind on the trail.