Sunday, November 19, 2006

Partying Like it Was 1999

Top:I think the man with the camera has had too much to drink, actually it was just really dark. In between bars at SOMA. Bottom:Waiting in line outside El Farolito in the Mission at 2:30AM. The best burrito place I know in the city and apparently open all night.

It was a very busy week, work has been slow lately but everything else has been crazy. My friend Ange asked me if I wanted to do the slideshow for our Tri-Club's year end party. I jumped on the chance and it ended up being a 20 hour project, one that I was only able to work on at night. I had never done a slideshow but I've always wanted to and it turned out well. Next year I'll take it a step further and use a movie program, thinking of incorporating sound and video clips. It will be new territory.

But from Friday on it was celebrating time. Friday evening was steaks and red wine as we celebrated Stephen Goldmann's birthday and drinks at our Tri-Club's year end party last night. I hardly party nowadays and to do it back to back was exhausting...I don't think I'll make it through the holiday season:) I definitely was moving a lot slower today but I did get to sleep in. Happy Birthday Mr. Goldmann, I didn't even know.

The club party was great, I dare say that we clean up well. As I've said before, the guys look pretty much the same but the ladies with their hair down, dresses and makeup looked amazing. There was less talk about stuff we've done during the year and more excitement about the next. The slideshow was well received despite 1/4 of it was off the screen and the challenge for next year is to get more people to send in pictures. I got an award for "most inspirational" which had mostly to do with my running WS. The attention was flattering and it came with a $50 gift certificate to our favorite local discount sporting goods store. Much appreciated, I could buy a good pair of trail shoes with that - sorely needed. I also spent part of the time talking to folks about the run program and possibly leading some of my Sunday Trail Runs. I forgot to mention, I got the position I was running for. I'm the new Run Director for the club. Fun stuff but work like the slideshow. One of the things we discussed about in our first board meeting was to have more one on one talks with members we'd like to get more involved. Sending a general email on the email list asking for swim, bike and run leaders is one way but there's more that we could do. I've got a roster of about 10 members so far who are willing to lead, I'd like to grow that to a dozen or more. Bike Director, D'Anza, was out doing the same thing. People are excited, I'm excited. She doesn't know it yet but I will lead a bunch of rides for her this year. I personally plan to integrate more biking in my workouts for the new year, it will save my legs from some of the pounding and give some stronger quads.

So the party ended at 10PM and I ended up joining a group of folks to another bar/club for a b-day celebration and then yet another bar after that. We had a good group, marrieds (no kids), couples and single folk like myself. It was good to see some of the serious athletes, let their hair down a little bit so to speak. The night ended with my friend Mike and I getting dropped off at the Mission district for some authentic, no holds barred burritos - as big as your arm and with a calorie/fat calorie ratio that will make you freak. It ain't for the weight conscious. Mike is now my new Track Administrator, the person in charge of checking people in on Tuesday Track and collecting the necessary fees if needed. I didn't talk him into it, he volunteered and he was sober when he committed...honest.

So I cancelled my Sunday run in lieu of more rest. I can always do it tomorrow on my rest day, just switching things around. Since last week I've been on taper, 40-60 minute runs. I'm one race away from another great season and rest. Such a firm believer in time off and I've been preaching that to my friends who are willing to listen. I was even going off about it at the party; "so big plans for next year huh... gotten some downtime yet?". No burn outs.

Well I hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving week. Personally it's my favorite holiday and I've got three options for dinner. Right now however the thought of a Turkey sandwich in the privacy of my own home seems more appealing. Maybe I'm just partied out. Time to rest.


  1. Squirt =P4:48 AM

    So...who was the one to tell you to be "inspiring?"
    Yup...that's right...I did!
    WHOOP WHOOP! Congrats on the award!
    Man, two days partying and you're already exhausted? You are getting OLD, but that's okay, you're still loved by your family here in [boring] Florida.
    Anyway, talk to you soon.

  2. Congratulations on the award and the new position. Sounds like a great club. Maybe I can get some tips on how to get people more involved and interested in the running club.

  3. Congrats Mr. Race Director! And also for your award...nice that it came with a gift cert. I hope you've recovered from your party weekend.
    : )