Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something for my Coffee

Goodies from J~Mom.

It's 3:40PM and I had just made a fresh cup of PEET's decaf. I drink the leaded stuff in the morning and go unleaded in the afternoons. As I got back to my desk I got a knock at the door and it was the mail man. He said he would have left the package on top of our apartment mailboxes like he usually does for mail that wont fit in our boxes but he just got the urge to deliver it to my door personally. I've no idea why because I don't know our mail man. Lo and behold it's girl scout cookies from J~Mom, all the way from Arizona - Thin Mints. So nice, thank you and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

J~Mom just completed her first Olympic distance triathlon this past weekend. Look at this picture, nothing but joy there (scroll past the post race celebratory pedicure shot). She planned, executed, got it done and mailed me girl scout cookies to boot. Now I will try to exhibit some self-discipline myself and not eat the whole box in one sitting.


  1. Chris likes to put thin mints in his PANCAKES. Try it, it's yummy. : )

  2. What? That package was supposed to come to my house!

  3. HA! You just failed to mention that I ate your other boxes and then took three months to get them to you. :>D

    Glad you got them and were at least able to enjoy that last package. Phew it took will power to not eat them! LOL

  4. Awesome Job J-Mom, load him up with thin mints so he won't go so fast at Kettle and beat me by 5 hours --LOLOL

  5. Dude, that reminds me...I have like 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the cupboard that I completely forgot about! Mmmmmm...cookies. Thanks Rick! :)