Friday, May 09, 2008

One More Time

How are we all doing on this wonderful weekend?

I had such a great time at Wildflower last weekend part of me is still out there somewhere in Lake San Antonio. You know how it is, you have a great time and you keep thinking about the experience, a memory snippet here and there. However it's time to get it all back together, focus Gaston, focus. Tomorrow is the Quicksilver 50-miler/50-Kilometer trail race. My friend Helen is picking me up at 4AM and she's running her first 50K. I talked her into it so I hope for my sake she has a good time. As for me this will be my last race before heading into my taper for the Kettle Morraine 100. I have been ice bathing my legs every night and kept all my workouts under an hour. I've kept the intensity up but the duration low. I also took two days off, Monday and Wednesday. Ran track on Tuesday and had Spin Thursday night, both went very well. There's definitely some fatigue, minor aches here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. I will be as ready as I'll ever be. The time to beat is 8:31, my time from last years race. Last year I came in feeling pretty good about myself having just raced Wildflower that was until I realized during the race that a good number of the people I was racing against had also run the Miwok 100k the weekend before. This ultra crowd I tell you...

This is my fourth event in 5 weeks and this close to KM100 if anything starts to feel funky or strained I won't hesitate to pull the plug on the race. Not anticipating any problems for this weekend though and I'm excited to be running this event. I'm so psyched I'm wearing my running gear right now. Haha I put it on after I showered, had a late afternoon swim workout. I figured it was a perfect was to keep the body moving but without the pounding, refreshing too. Well its one more thing I don't have to worry about when I wake up at 3am.

I'll leave you all with my picture set from Wildflower.

Long course athletes relaxing by the fire Saturday night after a good day of racing. Heather, a bit too fast for my camera, Sunday morning. She certainly looks better in the club's racing kit than I do!

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  1. Good luck!! That sounds smart about pulling the plug if you need to!