Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kettle+Lazy Sunday+Memorial Day

I'm in full taper mode for the Kettle Morraine 100, love, love the taper. I spent the whole weekend in San Francisco this past weekend and it was a nice break from all the racing in different venues and training in Marin. I don't remember the last time this has happened. My workout this weekend consisted of one single 3 hour run on Sunday and time on the sauna for heat training (I'll speak more about the heat training on a separate post). Today I was supposed to join a group for a Sunday swim in the bay but I slept in instead. Seems like I made the right decision since supposedly there was a shark at Aquatic Park today. I don't believe it but I'll know more this week. In fact the biggest workout I did today was a marathon session on the phone with my mom, serves me right for not calling for weeks. My mom can talk like I run. She confessed to me that not only does she read my blog religiously but she reads all the comments and reads the blogs of the folks that have commented on my site. "That Marcy, she's so funny" she remarked during our conversation, then she added "I love Bullrunner's blog and all those Filipino blogs you have listed on your sidebar. Running wasn't big in the Philippines when I was growing up". She had me on the phone for 2:12. Marathons have been run within that time. My mom can talk like I run, did I say that already? If all goes according to plan, I finish KM100 the day of her birthday. If I finish I may give her my finisher award but I don't know what she would do with it.

Anyway I want to wish you all a happy Memorial Day. Today at church, a long time member and a friend broke down confessing a guilt he has carried for 3 years. He's one of those special operative types who get dropped behind enemy lines and he has anguished over a situation that I believe was out of his control. I for one am glad he is still with us and I am thankful for him and all our troops. To my step dad who spent 22 years in the Navy, much respect and love always. A Hash House Harrier in his younger years, the doctors have advised him many times to stop drinking and smoking and he has stopped and started just as much. Dad you are one stubborn guy but I want you to know that every Memorial Day I think of you first and I don't think that will ever change.

Lastly, much support and cheering to my good friend Rangsiwan who is on the run portion of Ironman Brazil right now, YOU GO LADY!!!. You got this! At the finish line is her fiance B and her parents. It's too early to say congratulations so instead I'll have another glass of red wine while she guts it out there. Woof, the marathon segment of an Ironman, painful.



  1. That's a sweet post. I almost forgot you're already tapering, heck, 2 weeks away? I am fidgeting for you:)

  2. Wow, can't believe its already taper time! Your mom sounds great. : ) My parents don't know I have a blog. But I don't think they know what a blog is anyway, since they are computer-less.

  3. That was a great post, Rick. I enjoyed your sentiments about memorial Day, your story about the phone conversation with your Mom (sounds Mom can talk, too!), as well as your great pictures. Happy Memorial Day to you!

    Now go and enjoy your well-deserved taper! :)

  4. First, I should probably stop commenting because I always say the w.o.r.s.t things LOL

    Second, are we related because my Mom is the same way. I could be on fire and my Mom would STILL be yakking at me.

  5. What a nice gesture that would be to give your KM award to your mom (because let's just assume you WILL get one)! :)

    I know how filipinos can be. Hee hee. My parents stopped reading my blog a while back. Too much for them to read about and they said they want to enjoy their days outdoors! I guess I can blog like you can run. ;)

  6. Taper Time!!! Tick Tock :-)

    Way to catch up with ur Mom & chat away !!

    We are getting close now, I am at the calmness stage ummm right before the storm--lol

  7. I am sure it will be ANOTHER fabulous event!!! : )

    Happy Memorial Day!

  8. Aaaw, your mom sounds cool. Maybe she should start her own blog? Half the time though she may be talking about you, asking if you had a healthy lunch or who your dating. Haha!

    Have fun with your taper! Are you actually still enjoying it now or are you cranky already?

  9. Oohh taper time! I bet Bob is really going crazy about now. :>D

    Yes, we have been window shopping. J-Dad has been comparing components on the entry level road bikes. I want him to get the boy version of mine...Specialized. Oohh this is going to be exciting!

    Javelina is calling your name.....