Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WS100 2007 Photos Courtesy of Luis Escobar

Luis is a professional photographer and his images are some of the best at these ultra events. Seeing his photographs makes me want to run out and purchase a digital SLR, of course the equipment is only part of the equation. He's got three sites but this link will take you the race photography, clink on the first image. While there you will also find links to other run related photography. I particularly enjoyed the images of Krissy on the Hawaiian HURT 100 course. That Montrail/Nathan orange really stands out in the lush trails of Manoa. Now he's got me missing Honolulu too:) If you like trail, you'll love these.


  1. Squirt =P7:09 PM

    the pictures of the feet make me cringe every time, just imagining the pain and then just the appearance alone is .:.shudders.:.
    anyway, hope all is well.
    my new comp kicks butt and its kind of funny cause ash got a new laptop as well and she said she was also checking out the same comp as mine (and she didnt know i had since she hadn't seen it yet), but she has this widescreen one.
    alright talk to you soon.

  2. Thanks for the link. Those are some awesome photos.