Saturday, June 02, 2007

Taper Time!!!

Hawk Hill in thick fog. More pics from Saturady click here.

6.5 hours, 3 hill repeats on Miwok (Rodeo Beach side), miscellaneous hills to and on the way home. And with that ladies and gentlemen, I've concluded my last heavy workout in preparation for Bighorn. I was laughing again the last two miles home, you what that means - I was "uncomfortable", ultra euphemism for I felt like crap. It was the IT again but this time the left. Nothing crazy, just soreness that does go away after a day of rest. It was also a lot better this week, I was able to run home. Now I'm looking forward to tape and preparing myself mentally for the big race ahead. Gonna read some race reports, study the elevation profile and all that, confer with my Bighorn partner Olga. She's got her marbles all lined up already so I have to catch up.

Now it's back out to take my turn at our club booth at the race expo. Maybe smile at a few ladies, ogle some new bikes, lust after a few accesories. I heard somewhere that Triathlon is considered a sexy sport and I agree. It's not just the people it's the gear, cool well designed gear. From the bikes to the running shoes, it's all so polished, matching and all that. Consider the wetsuit, it makes people feel aquaman, all trim and ready to go. Thank God for ultra, otherwise I'd be one of those guys who race around in lycra and spandex, shaving his legs to be like Lance and coveting every new shiny piece of triathlon trinket. Oh wait I do that already....haha. All joking aside I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the sport. The biking and swimming saves me from all the pounding of running and the triathlon community has been very good to me, made a lot of friends in this sport. Most of all it keeps me humble. It's hard to be full of yourself when you swim like a dog among fishes.


  1. Isn't Bighorn next week? That's not much of a taper. Now rest up and take it easy for a bit. : )

  2. Wha??? Whew don't scare me like that:) It's on June 14-17. I got twelve days.

  3. RICK Said:last two miles home, you what that meansI was "uncomfortable", ultra euphemism for I felt like crap.
    haha well U got 12 days or so to shake some of that crap off :-)

    Zero in on that Bighorn "Visual ZONE" Bro, ur going to do great!!

    Hmmm maybe to help u swim better U change ur Profile PIC from the DOG to a FISH--LOL just a thought!

  4. Read on, man, give me your thoughts, it looks like I made a pace chart with even splits...weird, wasn't planned, just came out like this, I just noticed it. Jeff's report is awesome and contagious, I am finally clicking and getting excited!

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  6. Wow, I butchered that last comment.

    What I meant to say, was I attended the Mt Diablo trail run ( as a spectator of course, and an unofficial photographer) This is the first trail race Ive ever been too and it was pretty cool watching these people running up a mountain.

    Anyways, I think I saw some of your friends there ,including a guy name Jason, who was one of the first 25K'ers to finish.

    Good luck on your with training!

  7. Ooops! Sorry, me bad. : P You've got plenty of time. Thanks for the IT tips. I'm a big fan of the foam roller. I'd be nowhere fast without it!

  8. Wow, you guys get some seriously thick fog out there! Great pictures. And I think it is very cool that you spend time volunteering at other events. That is something that I would like to be better about.

    Rick, good luck with your taper!

  9. Stay healthy and enjoy the taper. I hope you and Olga are able to spend lots of time on the trails at Bighorn and have fun while running and climbing fast. Don't worry, I thought it was this weekend too, but it's not.