Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Enjoying the Off-Season

2 seasons worth of trail shoes, washed and stuffed with newspaper for drying. The newspaper wicks the moisture and keeps them from smelling too. These will be donated to Goodwill, what they can't sell they'll recycle. They actually look nice now that they're not covered with mud and dust, they're still good for something. I get an average of 375-400 miles per pair, I'd get more if I didn't have to run so much road on my way to the trails.

I haven't done anything since the Quad Dipsea two weekends ago. Oh wait...that's not totally true, Saturday I had a haircut appointment and I ran three blocks - I was late. I hate to live up to the Filipino stereotype but I am almost always late. The woman who cuts my hair has been doing it for 14 years and she's also Filipino so it's all in the family, besides I have the sneaky suspicion she already compensates for my usual tardiness.

I feel as Marcy would say, fanfreekintastic! I feel rested, no more aches and pains. I'm having a great time doing things I normally don't do during the year. Last night I was with friends at a local bar for their happy hour special. The place was filled with kids who looked like they just got out of college, however the food turned out to be great and so was the beer. $2 beers and $2 dishes, hard to beat in this town. Instead of being out on the track, my usual Tuesday night thing, I was out drinking and eating - yup feels like the holidays.

In years past I've always enjoyed a complete break from athletic activities for 5-6 weeks during the holidays. Some years I needed all of it. This year I plan on breaking tradition and get in some easy workouts at recovery pace. Starting next week I'll start doing some easy runs and I'm back at the gym to strengthen worn muscles.

Hope everyone is having a great time, despite the craziness that comes with the holidays. This weekend I rented a car and I'm jumping into the fray. Gotta finish up the Christmas shopping; Costco, Target, Trader Joe's, etc, as well as trips to my storage unit and Goodwill. It's gonna be crazy, I might need my trail shoes.


  1. Filipinos are always tardy?!?! I didn't know that stereotype LOL. There is nothing I'm more anal about than being on time. I suppose I could blame the "white" half of me for that :P

    Dude that is A LOT of kicks!!!

    Enjoy the off time, I'm glad to hear you're feeling good ;D ;D

  2. That's a lot of shoes saved - do you really have space in your tiny room for all of them? BTW, did you get Ultrarunning mag yet? Just makinf sure it's been delivered:) rest up, train up, repeat. Good life, man!

  3. I love the photograph.

    Enjoy the time off! It is WELL DESERVED.

  4. Nice shoe collection..I recognize that brand! Good to hear you are enjoying the offseason, Rick. You totally deserve it, and it sounds like you are having a great time.

    This is also a good reminder to me that it is OK to take time off. I'm not good at remembering that! :)

    Good luck with your Christmas shopping as well!

  5. You have your shoes lined up so should see my closet.OMG.

    Have a Christmas season Rick!

  6. Sounds like you are doing the off season the right way. I should follow your lead, but I need the training.

  7. Way to Go & take that time had an awesome 2007 race season!!

    Congrats & Enjoy those beers & food...Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!

  8. There is nothing better then feeling fanfreekintastic!! :>) Glad you are resting and enjoying! I get way off focus without a race in front of me but I know as I train for longer distances I will need some type of off season.

  9. Enjoy your downtime! Its the perfect time to take a little break and relax.

  10. Hey, are you sure they're all unusable? You should have a contest to see if we can name all the shoe names from the picture.

    I dunno, my wife, who's pretty atypical for your ethnicity, really hates it when I, supposedly punctual Japanese boy, hold her up waiting for me.