Saturday, December 01, 2007


I didn't get in to Western States. This is the fourth time I've entered the lottery and the fourth time I've failed to get in. Thank God for the two-time loser rule, anyone who fails to get chosen in the lottery for two consecutive years gets automatic entry for the the following year. This was how I was able to run the race in 2006. I finished but the trail and the conditions beat me up pretty badly, well my feet anyway. I ended up with 16 blisters and eventually lost 9 toenails, I was already missing one heading into the race:) Since then I've vowed to return and make a better showing but it will have to wait until 2009. Unless they abolish the two-time loser rule, and there has been rumors of that, I should be guaranteed a spot for 09.

I now have the opportunity to run other races. I've been thinking about my schedule since this morning and I think I have my centerpiece races for next year. It's tentative but I've already had them lined up just in case I didn't get in again.

Massannutten Mountain Trails 100-mile run.
May 17th, 2008
At this year's Bighorn 100-miler, I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of ultra-marathoners from the East Coast and the bulk of them was from the VHTRC (Virginia Happy Trails Running Club). Those guys love Bighorn and they are the host for MMT 100. A great bunch of folks and they extended an invite to their race.

Tahoe Rim Trail 100m
July 19th, 2008
Friends who ran this race had a great time.

Angeles Crest 100
I've always wanted to run this race. I heard it's hot and tough. Besides I got lots of family in Southern California. I can visit after the race.

So that's what I'm tentatively thinking for my big races next year. Two of them are tougher than Western States from what I heard so I got a lot of work ahead of me. I've never done any of them so this is a great opportunity. Unfortunately two of them are already open for registration and MMT 100 will open on Tuesday. Money, money, money. I can't afford to fork up for all three races right now. If they are still open after I get back from holiday vacation then it's a go. I doubt they'll sell out that quickly but these days you never know. Ultra's have gotten more popular. If somehow I manage to pull through all three and remain in great condition I would consider throwing in a 4th 100-mile race. For now I'd consider myself extremely blessed if I can pull off just two of these.


  1. Hey Rick, sorry to hear that you didn't get in to WS. But that does open the door for other possibilities and new experiences, so I hope it all works out for the best!

    We are currently under a winter storm warning here in MN with 6-10 inches of snow predicted. I hope your weather is nicer! :)

  2. Sorry about WS for next year. Looks like an awesome pick of races there. I hear ya on the race fees. Oy. Why can't they let us play for free?

  3. But hey, you get to race it in 2009!!! That is AWESOME! : )

  4. Hey. I was sorry to miss your name on the list. I was really hoping to see you there. Sounds like you've got some pretty killer backup plans, though.

    I'd be shocked if WS did away with the 2TL policy, wouldn't you? You'll be there in '09, I'm sure.

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Hey,take it with a grain of salt. It probably was'nt meant to be.2009 means plenty time for preparation and doing other opportunities in
    between. 16 blisters? 9 toenails? Dang Rick....better not breath a word to your lola.She pampered you like a little prince...this would blow her away.....

  6. Sorry you didn't get in! But your other options sound exciting. You'll be back at WS in 2009!

    P.s. Thanks for your offer of the Luna blok-thingies. They were okay, but reminded me of why I stopped using Sharkies. A little too chewy. But your track friends will love them and you'll be a rock star for bringing them. : )

  7. Rick-

    Well that's bad news, sorry you missed out...good news however is the overall trailrunning Babe-Factor when up several percentage points this weekend as Jennie used her PCTR discount coupon at Woodside!

    Will G.

  8. Hahaha, Will you do know she turns red every time you say stuff like that. I'm going to hear it from her now.

    Looking forward to running with you again in 08. I will be taking you up on your offer for rides to these PCTR events.

  9. Bummer dude!!! I'm sorry about WS but at least you know you'll be golden in 2009 ;-) And you're definitely crazy:

    "I ended up with 16 blisters and eventually lost 9 toenails"

    You want to go back?!?!? LOL ;-)

  10. Look at the bright side. You have a full year to let your 16 blisters dry up and 9 toenails to grow out again.

    Okay, I know that didn't help much.

  11. so sorry you didn't get in :( I was rooting for you! 2009 will be a great year :D

    And all those 100s look awesome! If you do TRT, I'll be seeing you there hopefully, and I'm planning to do the 50 miler (though, I've come to the realization that it falls during the last week of my courses here, perhaps not the best time to be running?)

    Even without WS you're going to have so many awesome running adventures nest year. Hope you have such fun with all of them

  12. May be at AC100 and hopefully at Miwok. I am not fazed out I didn't get in, but am upset none of my closest friends who I could have paced did...looks like I am not going there to have easy fun after all.

  13. I'll be at Angeles Crest and am thinking about Massnutten 100 in 08' as well. Maybe we can coordinate transportation.

    Sorry to hear about WS; I didn't get picked either, but that's life. I'm sure you'll be dynamite out there in 09'. Like I said, that offer to pace at Badwater if your schedule allows is always open. I'm actually thinking of checking out Cornerstone, so maybe I'll see you there some time.


  14. Did you gte a chance to sign up for MMT? It filled in 45 min.

  15. Geesh MMT sold out already wow...I hope u got into that race Rick...

    Looks like a great race line up for 08'

  16. Gundy, definitely man. I'm itching to do AC, maybe this is the year. I'm sure I'll see you before then, we can discuss.

    We should coordinate a time to hit Cornerstone.

  17. Anonymous8:14 AM

    wow! rick, it's so inspiring just to see your line-up for 08. and with your experience of losing 9 toe nail, what can i say??! man, you're an ultimate runner! :-)