Friday, February 17, 2012

Much Better Now

I survived my long run this past Saturday. It ended up being 25 miles and almost 5.5 hours but it was all trail, no bridge and all the road miles running to and back from it. I got dropped from the very beginning by Larissa and Jenn, all three of us including another three runners from our Thursday morning runs are entered for the San Diego 100. The ladies chatted and bounded uphills as I slogged my way through, mostly waking the hills. Jenn cut out early but Larissa and I completed the loop with her a couple of miles ahead.

It turned to be a super day because as sucky and congested as I felt it didn't get worse. I really enjoyed myself and frankly it didn't feel long. The climbs were tough and so were the downhills but I felt I could have kept going. Larissa felt the same way but we had to boogie back to the city afterwards as she had a client to train.

Besides spending time with the two studly ladies I ran into Jorge Maravilla as I passed through Muir Beach. Talk about breakthroughs, this guy lost 20 pounds, worked harder at his running, started winning races last year and got picked up by Salomon. A big year for him last year and this year is off to a great start. Great guy and extremely excited about the sport.

Tomorrow is another early day as my running club, Tamalpa, has organized a training run in Lake Sonoma, perfect for those running the Lake Sonoma 50 miler in April. I was entered last year but the course was under water due to recent storms. Not entered this year but at least I'll get to finally run on the trails, for 25 miles of it anyway. I'll bring my camera and maybe I get a few good shots.

Till next time.


  1. Glad you're doing better and running long! I miss those outings, especially picturing where you do it. Will never forget how Jason and I stood atop of Mt. Tam and I looked over the most of Miwok course...holly cow, that was my intro of grasping how far we run!

  2. Sound great! Looking forward to hearing about Lake Sonoma.