Friday, February 10, 2012

Mental Push Ups

It's that time of the year - cold and sickness bugs! Last Saturday I got up feeling weak and funky, like I was coming down with something. I had a 26-mile run scheduled with friends and I thought of canceling but then I decided to go through with it. I figured if I was going to get sick I might as well get a long run in before if fully developed. Like getting a big run in before a storm. Sure enough on Super Bowl Sunday I was laid out on the couch. It would be another four days before I'd feel good enough to run again. Thankfully it's my back off week. I know, I know, back off doesn't mean stop but what could I do. The cold was unwelcome but it's timing was great and now I'm fighting my way back, just a slight detour.

The run itself was fun even though I didn't feel 100%. I met up with Janet Thompson and her friends Gordo and Fox. They rode their bikes to the Golden Gate Bridge and we proceeded from there. Gordo and Fox had shorter routes in mind but Janet kept me company until we returned to the bridge. We ran a similar pace, walked/ran our hills and did a whole lot of catching up. I finished the day with 25.5 miles according to my iphone. Nifty, maybe I spring for a Garmin this year. They were great company, great catching up with Janet and I'd run a long one with those guys again.

My first couple of years in running, training for marathons, it would take me several months to work up to 26 miles from a break, now it takes me a few weeks. I'm happy about that but it's all distance at this point no speed work or anything and I've been choosing routes that isn't too hilly. Just building those base miles for now. While the distance comes back fairly quickly the holiday weight still comes off at a snails pace. Haven't figured that one out yet or maybe I just love food too much.

Tomorrow I'm heading out with my pal Larissa Polishuk. The woman is an inspiration just like her guy Brett Rivers. She wants to get in 30 miles and she has Brett's car which means not having to run the Golden Gate Bridge. What a mess it has been since they started a construction project limiting all foot and bike traffic unto one side. Total mess and dangerous with all the bikes. It's my back down week but I think four days of no running has been enough of a break so I will try to hang for 30 miles. I either make it or head back to the car early, no big deal. Ran two 4 milers the last two days, felt terrible each time but the second day was better than the first and maybe tomorrow will be better than both. Nothing in my chest, all in my sinuses so I'm safe. I don't feel so great but it will be a good opportunity to work on the mental game. Tomorrow will be a day of mental pushups. I pull out my Matt Hart videos on days like these. Thank you Matt Hart!

You guys have a great weekend!

Photo courtesy of Janet Thomspon. In the Marin Headlands, on our way back towards San Francisco.

Too bad it won't be like this tomorrow but rain will also be good. Missing a good rain run.


  1. Get well soon, I just ditched a real snotfest! It's that time of year I guess!

  2. I feel your pain, I had a five week bout with cough in January. It's the kind that sticks to your chest. It was hard to run without having a coughing attack. But I still plowed on, thinking if I'm gonna be coughing might as well get some fresh air. get well soon.

  3. I just got over a nasty cold too. My first one in years. Mostly ran through it too. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. You can also move to Texas, and cold might not be an much as allergies to about everything! I am holding my fort, but praying I can move out before it hits me (in Austin there is a saying, it's not "if" you get allergy, it's "when").