Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lake Sonoma Training Run

Finally pictures from the training run held two weekends ago, hosted by RD John Medinger and the Tamalpa Running Club. It was my first time on these trails and was eager to run them. However now that I've run a loop of the course (50-mile course consists of two 25-mile loops, at the completion of the first loop you turn right around and go back to the start line for the finish) I'm bummed I won't be able to take part in this years race. I was signed up last year and was given the opportunity to sign up again this year before registration was opened to everyone but it didn't work out schedule wise. Ah well perhaps next year. I'm just glad that I was able to finally run these trails.

Tamalpa was able to get a group together and John provided an aid station at mile 12 and a cooler of beers and soda at the finish. The weather was great and the company even better. We went around just one once around the lake which was roughly 25 miles. The first half had some tree cover but the second half of the 25 was mostly exposed, I can imagine how tough it would be on a hot day in April and it can get warm on the course (90+). The terrain is mostly rolling until the last 5 or so miles where there are two climbs to get to the turnaround. I didn't think they were that bad though. I just walked and ran them and was fine. There is a lot of elevation gain in the 50-mile race (over 10,000 ft.) but it's spread out throughout the race. There wasn't a climb that I felt was especially tough. The terrain is a beauty too, mostly smooth, not technical at all. There are at least two stream crossings but it has been so dry here due to the lack of rain that I only got my feet wet on one of the crossings, no big deal.

Well I liked it so much I'm going back with another group this weekend. If I complete another loop I guess I can technically say that I've done a 50 on Lake Sonoma:) Enjoy the pictures and big thanks to Tropical John and Tamalpa.

Tropical John, getting us together at the start.

Jorge Maravilla, kicking it with us, tapering for the Ray Miller 50-mile.

Aid Station cart just before the 12-mile mark.

Hans, making it look easy at 70. This guy runs road and trail, short to ultras. Seems like every time I open the Tamalpa Gazette, our club paper, his name is on the results of a bunch of races. There is usually a picture of him too.

A section of the lake.

Potable water at mile 17.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'.

Pink is a lovely color, especially when it's a marker. There were hardly any course markings but John made sure there was markings at places where people could get lost.

I was able to spot the trail we ran on the other side in some places.

Post race cervesas.


  1. I want to be like Hans when I grow up. Really!

    1. I want to be like Hans too.