Friday, September 04, 2009

Shuffling Along

Not much moving on my end which is why I've been somewhat quiet on the blogosphere. Just been recovering. I'm having a prolonged recovery from the Headlands Hundred because I suspect I rushed the recovery or I was just really worn out after two summer 100s - going all out in both of them. Maybe it's both. I don't know how Brian Krogmann or Mark Tanaka does it. I don't know how these other ultra-marathoners roll 100s after another and doing them in a fairly fast time too. It's a mystery to me but I can't worry about that. I will focus my energy on the one person I am an expert at - me.

I was back to running the weekend after Headlands, in fact I was back on the course the following weekend for a 10-miler with friends after an easy week. I went hard on the run, bombing the downhills. The following week I was all sore and achy but by the following weekend I went hard again with friends on a 13 mile run on Mt. Tam/Headlands, bombing yet more sweet downhills. So in consequence I was sore and achy again the following weekend. Yeah I know. I've been going easy since then. Believe me I want to do well on my next race but admittedly I've been less serious with my training and recovery now that I have no hundreds left on the schedule. If this was the beginning of the summer I would have been a penguin with the ice baths and more serious with the stretching. 50-milers are something, so are the 50ks and the Quad Dipsea is merciless to those unprepared but they just don't put the fear of God in me like the hundreds do.

Seems like I'm coming back finally though, hope so because it's been 4 weeks. Had a really, really good run last night, speed and strength almost to pre-HH100 levels. Running was less of a chore and much more enjoyable. Let's hope it wasn't just last night. Mentally I'm also starting to come back as well. The "worn out" feeling wasn't merely physical. Been hitting the gym besides building my mileage back up and getting more serious about stretching. This weekend I have a run planned with Jonathan Gunderson. He'd like to get in 6 hours or so and I'm pretty sure I can handle that now, looking forward to it even. I was supposed to pace him at Angeles Crest 100 later in the month but as some of you already know, the race is now cancelled because of the huge forest fire. I'm trying to convince him to sign up for Javelina. The race was already closed but Jamil Coury, the RD, talked to the park supervisor in charge and he got 50 more slots specifically for the AC100 runners. Other race directors have followed suit, adding slots in their races for the AC100 runners. It's times like these that remind me why I love the ultra running community so much. All for one, one for all.

You all have a great holiday weekend! Careful on the roads you road bikers and road runners.

Hoping that the good weather lately is finally the start of our indian summer in San Francisco. Crossing my fingers for great weather this weekend, for running and picnics/bbqs.


  1. Hi Rick! Nice to read a new post from you after a long wait. Glad to hear you're enjoying the runs again and you're almost back in shape after the long recovery period from your last 100 miler.

    In my 2 longest races, both 30ks, I experienced cramping on my quads around the 25th k. I checked on the internet, but I'm seeking your advise because I know you'd be giving one based on your own experiences as an ultra runner. Are eload tablets good to take?

    Take care, buddy, and good luck on your next race

  2. Rick, good to hear you are recovering well from such an intense summer of racing. Sounds like you are really smart with the way you plan your recovery periods. I don't run near the distances you do, but I need to learn to recover better!

    Hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

  3. nice to hear from you again! it is sad that the AC 100 is cancelled due to the forest fires. well, the runners here are preparing for 4 full marathon races in a span of 28 days starting on 11 oct & lots of half-marathon on weekends before that. good luck on your next ultra run!

  4. Whats up stud, sounds like your getting back in the grove...ya u didn't give yourself to much recovery after the 100 and yes Tanaka and krogmann are freaks - lol

    Have a safe weekend!!

  5. How about Hundred in the Hood?? I think you should pace your runner up here in beautiful Oregon. : )

  6. just catching up on the blog front....great stuff. Good to hear the recovery is going well.

  7. What to pace up at Hundred in the Hood?

  8. Yeah, those hundreds take some major recovery, so no need to rush it! Glad you're feeling good again though.
    That is so sad about AC and the fire. It's awesome that those runners at least have another option.
    Oh those pesky little 50 milers. No need to train for those! ;)

  9. Am gald to hear you're back in the groove. Cheers!