Friday, August 28, 2009

Running For the Wells 11k

Jonathan Gunderson has been raising money for the building of wells in Uganda. Last year he raised $12,000 for 4 wells and this year he is aiming higher - $18,000 for 6 wells that affects approximately 7,500 people.

On our last run together, a couple of weeks before the Headlands Hundred, he told me about his plan to put on an 11k to help his fundraising efforts. He had been planning it for awhile. He had his route down and had talked to the park service about permits and such. He even got one his sponsors, Injinji Socks, to donate socks to the event.

Anyone in the area who would like to join, you can click here.

Basically it's a bib-less run in the Marin Headlands, one aid station which is the start and finish. It is $35 with all proceeds benefitting the Uganda Well-Building Program for the World Harvest Mission. There is a pancake breakfast afterwards, $5 for non-runners and all finishers get a pair of Injinji socks.

I'm planning to be there. In the two years I've known Jon I've yet to chip in on his fundraising efforts donating my money elsewhere, lately to Perfect time for me to support him in his work; I get a run in, some pancakes afterwards and donate to his cause. His run should be a good warmup for a long run and his pancakes may be good fuel on the go. I've never tried fueling on pancakes before but I bet they're good with peanut butter and rolled to make them nice and compact.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm still in recovery from the hundred three weeks ago, just waiting for the day when I get my speed and endurance back. It's only been short runs so far, nothing past 13 miles. Patience grasshopper, patience.


  1. Sounds like a great cause!

  2. I'm sure you will get your speed and endurance back in no time at all. You're too good not to. ;)