Monday, May 18, 2009


A couple of summers ago at PCTR's Angel Island 50k, in the last hour of the race, I found myself following a red runner in a red shirt for miles before I dropped my last gear and went for the pass. We would meet at the finish line and he became one of my good friends in ultra and an occasional training partner.

Jonathan Gunderson is a great runner. Three finishes at Badwater, each finish faster than the previous one. He is going back for his fourth this July. He has three finishes at AC100, a finish at Western States, San Diego, Javelina and a few other 100-milers. He does mission work in Uganda. For 2009 he is trying to raise money to build 6 wells in the country. A strong runner and a good guy.

This past Saturday I saw him enter his biggest event - marriage! Congratulations Jon and Wilma, wishing you both the best. He gets back from his honeymoon (Fiji, New Zealand) just in time to pack up and head south with us. He's also running the San Diego 100 June.


Jon, his bride Wilma and myself Saturday night at their wedding reception.


  1. Ricky -- you look simply smashing in a suit! ;)

  2. Oh, so sweet, all clean and groomed...congrats to Jon and you do look smashing! Why didn't I see you like that before? Oh, right, I wouldn't have cared:) But then again, you look awesome, where are the other ladies looking???

  3. You clean up well. Give John my best wishes.

  4. Marriage !!! He is in for a wild ride.

  5. Well, there goes his running! ha Just kidding! Wedding is a wonderful thing............most of the time! Peace!
    PS I hope my wife doesn't read this! hee hee

  6. Awesome! Weddings are so fun. Rick, we are so used to seeing pictures of you in running gear, so the suit is quite a departure...looking sharp!

    All the best to Jonathan and Wilma!

  7. Congrats to Jon! I wonder what it would feel like not to go to bed lonely every night.=)

    It would have been cool have run with you guys for awhile at San Diego.