Thursday, May 07, 2009

Miwok 100k in Pictures

Because of the rain I left my camera behind at the start. Sorry guys, there really are some great views on this run just not this day. I was a wreck after the run, much like Mt. Diablo but I'm okay now. Got new trail shoes to break in before San Diego, got them at Zombie Runner today. Fun, good stuff, more about it later. Enjoy the pictures.

With trail pal Carrie Sisk at the start. She says we met here on these trails training one day, passing each other twice. We train on these trails. I have no recollection...I only remember last year's Mt. Diablo and her telling me at the turnaround that she was going to catch me.

Coming in to the finish. My last mile was my fastest mile, helps that it was downhill. Photo courtesy of Bob MacGillivray of Drymax Socks.

Can you see the "relief" mixed in with the smile? Photo courtesy of Bob MacGillivray of Drymax Socks.

This photo is interesting because it shows the finisher's tent in the background. Small huh, that's ultra. Photo courtesy of Bob MacGillivray of Drymax Socks.

With good friends Samantha and Jessica. I remember discussing a moratorium on pictures of myself between the two of them back in December because they make me feel so short. As you can see the talks are still in progress.

I am happier than this picture suggests, just a weird moment. With Bob MacGillivray of Drymax Socks. Bob does his best to come out and support his athletes. He says I'm a Drymax athlete so I guess that officially makes me one. I am a big fan of the product and have never done a race without them since I discovered them last year. No blisters at Miwok!

With Andy Benkert. I am indebted to this runner for helping me in the last miles. His cheery disposition and can do attitude energized my run and got me moving faster than I would have alone. It was Andy's first 100k, run with an impressive sub-11 hour finish.

With Mark Lantz (13th overall) at the finish. Yeah he's faster but c'mon who is more good looking:) Don't answer that. He told us to stop dancing around the puddles and just run right through them. I did and ended up shin deep in a puddle and almost slipping on the mud that had settled on the bottom. I started laughing, making the runners coming in the opposite direction laugh too - this was near the turn around at Randall. Good times. The puddles here were the width of the fire road, about 6-8ft across, there was really no maneuvering around.

Suzanne "Sexy Legs" Carrier with pacer Victoria Folks. I gave her that new nickname. Call me biased but I think a little mud is a good thing.

Runner, Pacer lovefest at the finish.

The wait continues for the folks still out there. I consider this one of the best finishes in ultra. It's about a mile of downhill and folks waiting at the finish line can see you coming in for your landing on this last hill. The Headlands Hundred/50-miler and the Marin Headlands 50k share this finish along with a couple of other races I'm forgetting right now. The Marin Headlands 50k was my first ultra so I was treated to this finish from the very start. You can hear the celebrations from the top of the ridge and it pulls you in like gravity.


  1. is that "bluff" on your neck? nice pictures on your last mile. good luck on your SD 100.

  2. Looking strong on that downhill....great pics!!

  3. Skinny in midsection. You're cuter than Mark, but Sexy Legs is so-o much cuter than you!!!

  4. What the hell is that thing on your plate??? It looks WRONG!

  5. You look like a badass coming down the hill in that picture Bob took. Sweet.

    I had the same reaction as JoLynn to the BBQ pic, though.

  6. LOL you make me laugh. I swear to God I see in more pics with ladies than anything else ;-)

  7. Great job Rick, you tore it up in those crazy conditions. Looking forward to hearing about SD100!

  8. All those pictures look so much drier than the rest of the day was! You look very fresh finishing though-- are you sure you ran 62 miles? ;-)

  9. Nice pictures! But the people in them are nicer :)

  10. Great pics! Good job!