Monday, April 07, 2008

The Transition Race

Video courtesy of John Hayato. Great job capturing the fun John! Friggin Chris, haha, I just noticed it now. He drinks his beer first before taking off his wetsuit - priorities!

Oh man what a freakingly good weekend. Now I can finally recover, from Florida and from the training weekend. Got pics and a report to share but in the meantime here is a video of the "Transition Race" we had this past weekend, it's a training weekend tradition. It's a mock race that emphasizes not the three sports of triathlon (swim, bike and run) but the fourth sport which is the transitions - the transition from the swim to the bike known as T1 and the final transition from bike to run known as T2. If you watch the video you'll know what I mean. I shot my own footage with an even better angle on the crash but John's video tells the whole story better.

It starts with the participants dressed in their wetsuits by the waters edge. They run up, transition to the bike, bike a lap around the parking lot, transition to the run and do another lap for the finish. Winner was Jake M., representing Cabin 2. Way to represent Jakey! Not only did our cabin had the most sugar (isn't this the drug of choice for endurance athletes?) for the weekend but we also had the honor of having the winner for the transition game. Oh and no one really chugs a Heineken in the transitions just another twist. I'm sure you guys already knew that.

The last video is a quick 11 second footage of actual pros at a race last year. Watch how fast they go from running their bikes out of the transition area to riding them. Since I'm talking about transitions, thought I'd throw this in too just for comparison.



  1. LOL Good stuff homie, good stuff!

  2. That is it, I am joining your club. LOL Looks like a great time!

  3. Ha ha! That is awesome! You guys and girls clearly know how to have a good time!

    Good stuff. Looking forward to the report and pictures.

  4. Too funny. My wife might get a kick out of these, since she's seen my (incredible long and inefficient) transitions when I used to do a couple of tris every year.

  5. Squirt =P8:24 PM

    priority mail?
    nah my car's in the garage right now cause my batt decided to quit on me and there was some weak connections going on, but i should be getting it back tomorrow, so once i get my car back, i'll send your shizz you expensive azz =P
    just kid!

  6. Rick, you have to post your video of the transition race. It's classic and must be shared. : )

    It was so much fun this weekend! You and Rangsiwan are so great!

    And now I can say I have personally run with the great Rick Gaston!