Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still Here

Still here in Florida. Having fun hanging with the family, eating their food, drinking their beer and driving their cars. It's not all vacation though, work followed me here. Sa'll good, I'm blessed to have work. Family is doing great. Stepdad is still kickin despite the smoking and drinking, mom can still make me feel like I'm 12 when she yells at me from across the room and I've been making 2AM snack runs to 711 with my sister - one of our traditions. The difference this time is that I don't buy anything. I look at everything and buy nothing, okay I'm lying, just something small. I'm committed to dropping the weight prior to the May and June races. Mom and Dad's cooking is harder the harder fight. The day before I arrived I told them I'm super training mode and I only want the really healthy stuff, my dad responds by thawing some pork baby back ribs for first dinner. A few weeks ago he won a large BBQ grill, an Italian made shotgun and a silver watch at a local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) fundraising event. Where the heck am I? BBQ and a shotgun? So he's been using the grill but he plans to sell the shotgun. Not like he hunts or anything.

Been running a bit, one hour spurts. I'm 2-2. Succeeded twice, failed twice. It's just so boring and warm here. It's alright, I'll get one more run in before leaving for home Thursday AM, then it's off to our triathlon club's annual Wildflower training weekend in Paso Robles. Down there it can get very warm, some hills, lots of trails and a lake for swim training. I plan to do it all plus multiple loops on the half marathon course. We've got coaches on hand, a bike wrench, some massage therapists and a catered dinner on Saturday night. What's not to like. There will be about 150 of us and word is that our companion club will also be there as well as a club from Silicon Valley. As J~Mom said, "It's on like Donkey Kong!"

I'm lame, brought the camera but I forgot the camera cord to download to the comp. Finally met Bob, finally. Olga just happened to be in town too visiting her son Alex and taking her youngest, Stephen, to Disneyworld. We all met in the middle of nowhere, that was a trip. Pics to come.


  1. Ahhhhhh nothing like fam time ;D ;D

    ROFLMAO, ohhh dear you and Bob together. Well, anyone and Bob together probably spells trouble ;-) LOL

  2. That is right bro....It's on like Donkey Kong! :>D

    I can't believe you got to meet Bob AND Olga! Very cool!

    Sounds like a nice trip! The more I tell my family I need to eat healthy the more naughty stuff they wave in front of me, sigh!

  3. It was a middle of nowhere, indeed. How in the world Bob picked that place? I should have been doing the seacrh:) Funny how we got together, on the other side of the country. I dropped 3 lbs on the trip (I think Bob didn't feed me enouhg...ok, I am keeping a food diary and that makes me think twice before eating), wonder how long it'll last. Goal is another 5 before Miwok. Not much time left.

  4. Gotta love FL! : )

  5. Squirt =P10:21 PM
    check that out.
    it may explain a thing or two.

  6. Umm..please send my stuff back priority mail!