Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Treasure Island Triathlon

My really short movie of a group of pros getting on their bikes. So fast! Damn their flying starts. Shoes are already attached to the pedals, they strap their feet in once they get up to speed.

These are images from the other weekend's Treasure Island Triathlon. No swim, just the bike and run because of the oil spill. The volunteering gig went very well although it could have been smoother. I was in charge of manning the post race food tent. On the first day, Saturday, we kept running out of either pasta or the pasta sauce. The food was cooked in another building and we had to keep ferrying food and empty containers back and forth. The route we had to take also crossed part of the race course, we were consistently delayed at the crossing because of race traffic. It's not an efficient system. They need to either add more burners or swith to pre-cooked items. I made my points with the tri-cal staff, we'll see what happens for next year. Many athletes had to wait or go without, not good. Sunday was a lot easier because we had breakfast items and no cooking involved. It's a shorter race and they get done way before lunchtime. The selection and quality was better overall and no athlete had to do without.

Like the volunteer gig at the Nike Women's marathon, the area leads like myself got set up with some great schwag. Avia was the new sponsor for this year. From what I heard they faded but are now fighting their way back into the market. I certainly haven't seen an Avia running shoe in years. They got us clothes and a pair of shoes, much like Nike but the Avia shoes are actually trail runners. Too much stuff! Soon as the season is over I'm gonna sort over all of it and figure what to keep and what to donate.

Enjoy the pictures.

Coach sandwich. Coaches Neil and Laura Fraser with one their athletes - Ivy.

Joehleen showing off her colors while Jan looks on. A very fast swimmer, she was bummed about the swim being cancelled.

Club volunteers; Jim, Karen and Julia. Jim is the new tri-club pres for 08.

My area, post race food tent, a much happier place on Sunday.

Club mates Brian and Dana. Brian was in a bike accident earlier in the year, this was his first race back.

Club mate Jessica taking 2nd in her age group. We sort of met at this event last year. I body marked her for both of the days that she participated in this event. Now look at her.


  1. Rick, loved the photos! I was sorry to have missed the event and now I feel like I was there!

  2. I might actually try to get on the podium if there were real blocks like that here. How cool are those? Thanks for the pics...looks like a great day!

  3. Great pics. Even more reason to try a tri next year :)

  4. Happy turkey day, man! Belated, yes. I am delayed:)

  5. The Avia shoes I tried out last year were very light, but not that comfortable. They sponsored the Tacoma City Marathon and I wore the shoes for awhile, but eventually switched back to my Brooks. I am happy that this year Brooks is sponsoring the marathon. I am hopeful for some schwag as well. I hope the trail shoes work out, at least for trainers.

  6. Great Pics and Recap

    Happy Turkey Day Weekend Bro!!!

  7. Nice schwag. But I know you would do it even without the cool loot. : )