Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hanging with my good friend Jen, fellow blogger and the club's new Social Director.

Well I've got bad news. I ran for the President spot and lost. Yeah kind of a bummer. I hate losing, who doesn't right. I was very disappointed but I'm fine now. It's really not going to change my involvement in the club. I'll still be out there participating in the club workouts, helping out with our beginner groups and volunteering for races. I will have more time, not having any club responsibilities for next year. What bothers me more was the lack of candidates vying for the other positions. We are a club of about 500 people, more people need to step up.

Anyway we have a good board assembled and I'm already excited for what the new year may bring, both in tri's and ultra's. My name is in the hat for the Western States lottery and I've got a couple of back up races in mind just in case I don't get in. Getting in is harder than the damn race! Physically I'm beat and I can't wait to get to "off-season" mode but my mind is already exploring possible events and races for next year. Will this be the year I finally travel East and try one them ultras over there? Hmmm....maybe. Will this be the year I finally race the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon after having volunteered for the event 5 times and having a guaranteed slot this year?...maybe. Like Western, entry to Escape is also by lottery but I got my guaranteed slot for volunteering as an area lead this year.

So life goes on, up and down, up and down, always hilly but I'm still moving forward.

I'll leave you with this question. Why do some great races have bad event websites and worse, bad t-shirts?


  1. Bummer dude :( I'm sorry.

    I am however super stoked at you putting into the lottery for Western States. You are hardcore! I'll be super excited if you get in!

  2. Squirt =P7:33 AM

    psht nikkuh. you'll get them next time, killer =P
    ahaha the last question kinna killed me. ahhh, the perks of being a graphic designer =] (who knows how to criticize shirts)

  3. Aww...happens, I guess. As for WS lottery - come over to Portland, i am holding a party for it:) Is it a Bighorn as a backup? We have at least 20 dudes and dudettes keeping it as such. Didn't you love the pain of last 25 miles??!!

  4. If you don't get into Western, I need a pacer at Badwater.....

  5. Olga - the last 25 miles of Bighorn was "character" building but I remember still loving the place 90 miles into it. Might be back if I don't get in to WS.

    Gundy - dude you are hardcore, going back for your 3rd time. I'll think about it. Heat and I don't go together but I will be using your technique for heat acclimation if I get in to WS. I have a new membership to Club One and they have a sauna.

  6. :( sorry you didn't get it!

    The lottery is going to be so exciting, wishing for all you guys to get in! I'm hopefully going to be pacing a friend there, and it'd be such fun to see all you guys racing! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you :D

  7. ... because clearly you weren't involved in the design!

    As I already said, there is a reason that you are supposed to take a year away from the Board. I personally am sad, but have a feeling this is to make space for something really great. ; )

  8. Rick, sorry you didn't get the President spot. For someone who puts as much effort into volunteering as you do, there will be other opportunities, I am sure!

    And is there anything more disappointing than a bad race shirt from a big time event? From the Minnesota scene, four words come to mind: Get In Gear 10k... :)

  9. I'm not afraid to say I could use some social direction.



    See you at the Quad, coming & going.

    Will G.

  10. Awww....I'm sorry you didn't win! Best of luck for the WS lottery!

  11. I called them and told them I was starting the Javamom Tri Club and I wanted you to be president. I am sure they were saving you for that. It's going to be a big role with lots of responsibility. When you see our club shirt you will know you were saved for the right tri club.

    Seriously I am sorry, that stinks. :<(

  12. Sorry to hear that you did not get chosen as the Prez. I hope the WS lottery is a success.