Saturday, November 03, 2007

Looking Towards 2008

I can't believe we are in November already and that my season is almost over. Where did the year go?! I should do a year in review post. Alright that's one for the idea bin. Meanwhile I'm going to share a bit of good news I got this past week.


You have been nominated by your fellow GGTC triathletes for the positions of President and Design for the 2008 GGTC Board of Directors. Since you are nominated for two, you will need to select one position to run for. Please let me know if and which nomination you would like to accept by Friday, November 2nd at 3pm.

Please note that if you accept this nomination, I will need a “platform” by Wednesday, November 7th at 5pm. This “platform” is typically one to two paragraphs about yourself, why you are running and why you see yourself as a good fit for the position on the GGTC Board (250 words max).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jill K.
GGTC Elections Official

Kind of cool huh. I knew it was coming but still felt flattered when the official email came. I actually advocated for the new "Design Director" position. Being a Graphic Designer by trade I saw the need for it and filled in while also doing my Run Director stuff.

Yeah sure I'm down for another year of volunteer service to the club. I wasn't going anywhere anyway. Guess which one I'm running for?


  1. "Guess which one I'm running for"
    uh ...mail room clerk? :-)
    Just kidding.
    Congrats Mr. President!

  2. lol mail room clerk is perfect--congrats bro... u know mail never stops, like u with ur running :-)

    ok seriously, design position is the way to gooooooo ... hope u get it!

  3. WHOOOOO HOOOO!! Yeah you totally could kick it in the mail room. You already have experience passing out e-mails and all :P ;-)

  4. Ha ha ha... I wonder which one. : ) Superstar!

  5. Don't take on Pres, as cool as it sounds. Chill the bragging rights. Hey, what do I know? I just want you to run well:) Congrats on nominations!
    On another thought, may be take up on Prez and slow down, so I can beat you at a 50 one day...nah, never happens. But I plan on going after your time at Miwok, faith willing.

  6. Squirt =P8:11 PM

    id nominate you for designated food vacuum!
    but that's just me =]

  7. Congrats on being nominated for 2 positions! I'm sure you'll get whichever one you go for. I just hope this doesn't mean more tri's and less ultra's! : )

  8. It is always cool to be nominated by your peers. Obviously, they have a great deal of respect for you. Congratulations on the nominations, and good luck to you, Rick! :)

  9. You are so encouraging in blogland so I know your real life peeps see that and respect you for giving back so much!! Congratulations!!

    Thanks for your tips and especially the food log one. My food intake is the last piece of the puzzle that I need to bring together to make this journey successful towards better health. That was an excellent tip.

  10. I'd also vote for you as designated food vacuum!

  11. Congrats Rick! Whichever it is you decide to go for, you'll definitely end up a winner. Eeek, sounds cheesy.

  12. Squirt =P8:32 PM

    ahahahhaa i love your bud jason! =]