Monday, July 16, 2007

Wrong Way

Guys, I think we took the wrong way. Tourists on the freeway on ramp headed to the Golden Gate Bridge.

On Saturday while getting ready for a ride several of us spotted these guys, luckily we didn't have to yell for them to turn back - they figured it out on their own. Despite the heavy, heavy fog this weekend, many tourists made their way to the bridge on their rent-a-bikes. A couple of them nearly took me out as I was coming home from a long run. Just another summer weekend in San Francisco.

There's nothing going on. Just the same ol' same ol' here.


  1. woooo hooo Congrats on the "same ol' same ol" did an awesome job and way to COMPLETE the "same ol' same ol"

    I know it's NOT easy... anyways you worked hard and I knew you would do great at the "same ol' same ol'"

    WHEN is the Next "same ol' same ol'" event maybe I will fly in and join ya...umm if I am ready:-)

    ahhhh I know It's hard work being sooooooo funny---hahaahaa

    FOG ON my Good Brother!!

  2. Gotta watch out for them tourists! Hope the same ol' same ol' is treating you well. : )

    I'm forcing myself to not sign up for any races until after July 28th. But DC50 is still on the short list...

  3. Rick, I know how you feel. Yesterday I was out on a walk in my neighborhood and nearly got run over by a little old lady on a bike. I had to jump up onto a lawn to avoid her, and she didn't even move!

    Keep enjoying your summer, and beware the tourists! :)

  4. ah...I miss running in SF. I used to live in Berkeley and made the trip over almost every weekend so that I could run across the golden gate. Such a beautiful place to run! (even in heavy fog :) )