Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Who let the dogs out?

This might be a wild one kids. Once the dogs get a hold of the beer who knows what will happen. You know them dogs, they'll serve anyone. Hope everyone is having a good time. Taking a little time off from work myself to go to a bbq, folks from the tri-group. I just read my latest issue of Triathlete magazine, I'm good to go:)


  1. Squirt =P11:59 AM

    i just read your last entry about your encounter with the officers at the airport, TOOO FUNNNYYY!
    if i was there, man would i be laughing to hard on the inside.
    but dang, always causing a ruckus where ever you go huh? cause it is, as you say, ALWAYS about you ;)
    anyway, glad you made it back with time to kick back and pig out for july 4th.
    dad bought ribs from the v last night and saved them for today since we went over jill's for free food =]
    well, hope all is well oinker.
    talk to you soon.

  2. LOLOLOL yes that was a good post below....U should have just opened ONE of the bags really quick and just shoved ur face in it and breathed DEEP ...and said WHEW that felt great I was hoping you would call me to check out my stufff....

    and as you look at them with the white powder ALL over ur face YOU SMILE and say "I love ENERGY POWDER I am HOOKED ON IT"---hahahahahaa

  3. Don't ever listen to Bob, he is evil! He wants his competition locked up so he can out-run you, even virtually:)

  4. HUH?!, what that wasn't good advice? hmmm well it would have been funny though... and that's what it's all about FUN :-)