Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rollin Once Again

All of a sudden there has been one event after another, wine and beer all around, not to mention food. Tough on the training regimen, even for the recreational athlete. BH100 really did a number on me but I'm finally over, took long enough! In the past I've recovered faster from 100s. Speed is mostly back. For some reason I thought I had 2 months till the Headlands Hundred. Wrong! It's only 5 weeks away, got it switched with the Big Kahuna Triathlon. I signed up for the Angel Island 50k being run today. Just giving myself a nice swift kick in the butt to get the long distance training back into play. It's such a small island it will take 6 loops to cover the distance. I don't mind though, it's shaping up to be a sunny weekend and the views of the bay are going to be spectacular. There's 112 runners for the 8k, 99 for the 16k, 84 for the 25k and 51 for the 50k. It will end up being more than that because of race day registrations. It's a small island so it will be quite crowded. It's kind of cool how I'm so excited even if it's just a 50k. Had a hard time sleeping last night. My last dream before I woke up was Wendell telling us to be ready because there was snow and mud on the course. Hahaha. Haven't decided if I'm going to bring my camera. Haven't you guys seen enough of the Bay Area already? Speaking of which here's pics of all the fun things I've been doing outside of training. Been spoiled this past week.

Janet's birthday party at the Wine Snob. Same block as our spin studio. So this is what it looks like on the inside. One of the bartenders is an ultra runner. Pretty too.

Silver Horse Winery in the central valley. Beautiful place for a wedding.

Nothing healthier than cotton candy with your veggies, at a July 4th BBQ.

Emeryville Storefront Rendering.jpg
My friend Jason Arth is an architect for Sephora. Thursday night we went to Emeryville for the opening of one of his stores. Photo courtesy of Jason Arth. This was of course followed by a little celebrating.


  1. Squirt =P1:10 PM

    cotton candy.

  2. You do realize that you just wrote, "I'm so excited even if it's just a 50k?"

    People may think you're twisted if you say things like that out loud. I like it!

  3. I just read it actually - what do you mean "BH did a number on me"? In what respect? besides blisters:)

  4. It wore me out more than the usual and the result was a longer more intense recovery. Hardest race I've experienced yet. I had that deep down fatigue for two weeks, appetite was way out of control and speed was very slow coming back. Kept waking up tired despite 8 hours sleep.

    In the past I've raced one week, two weeks after 100s but with BH I felt the prolonged down time. I think it's cause there was so much jumping around, skipping, hopping that my body wasn't used to. If it was just straight running/hiking motions it would have been an easier recovery.

    Even with the 50k this past weekend. I noticed my heart rate was higher than usual. Muscles were fine but maybe nervous system not 100% yet. I just ignored high heart rate and went with how my legs felt. Eventually it caught with me on loop 5 and that's when I just dug in and sucked it up. Compared to the butt kicking I got from the last 2 100s it wasn't all that painful.