Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Something Exciting in SoCal

Last week I was at the PCTR message board and one of the posters brought our attention to a new 100-mile/100k for 2008. The details intrigued me enough to investigate and what I found was a monster of a run that makes my heart race just thinking about it. A day later Chihping Fu from the ultra list posted info on the same run.

It's called the Coyote Two Moon Ultras and let me tell you what's got me so hopped up about the event.

1) The 100k reads like a 100-miler. It has a 24-hour limit, 19,000ft. of total climb and a price point to match - $190.

2) The 100-miler itself has 25,000 feet of total climb and a 40 hour limit.
(to help put this in perspective, Headlands Hundred, the last 100m that I've done has 17,700 ft. of total climb)

3) If you finish the 100-miler you get a buckle and it will be the only buckle you will receive no matter how many times you finish this race.

4) Your starting time is based on your finishing times from your qualifying races and your own honest assessment of your conditioning. To qualify for the 100-miler you have to have run a 100-mile race with at least 18,000ft. of total climb the last 16-months prior to 10/31/07. They also would like information on the other 100-milers you have done to get a more accurate idea of what your starting time should be. They want everyone to be hustling to make the cutt-offs and not just the "back of the pack'ers". Sounds fair right?

5) It's called "Two Moon" because you will see the moon twice and they specifically staged it on a full moon weekend.

6) Pacers are only permitted on the first moon. The course is designed so as the event progresses runners will see more and more of each other so that on that the last final mind-numbing miles (their words) runners can keep themselves company. They suggest that if you want a buddy have them enter the event as well.

7) The course map is scanned in, hand drawn, hand written and not to scale....so far.

It's no Hardrock but I'll bet it will unload a whole lot of whoopin'. Furthermore it seems like they put a lot of thought into the "pacer" issue. On paper it seems like a good compromise. Anyone who wants a pacer can get one but on the second night everyone is going at it alone or making alliances with other runners.

It's definitely on my mind. For more information you can visit their website.


  1. Interestingly, I wasn't that excited. But it does look different.

  2. wow...that sounds like a crazy race! Seems intriguing :)

  3. Sounds right up your alley!

  4. Sounds good on paper on how the race should close at the end... pretty neat that a back of the packer and a strong runner can come in around the same time ... now we will see if it actually works out that way.

  5. 2008 is too early for me. I was planning on starting my ultra career in 2009 with Bob coaching.

    Anyway, I like the concept. It will be fun to see how it shapes up.

  6. So not only do you get to run 100 miles, but you get to climb fairly close to the equivalent of K2 as well!

    Wow, that is so hard for a flatlander like me to comprehend! :)

  7. I like the concept of the staggered start. It will be interesting to see if it turns out as planned. I see they already have 48 entries. Pretty good!

  8. Rick, I think you should sign-up. If you ever have kids, these 100-milers especially the distant ones, will be more difficult. Do it while you can. Make me jealous.