Saturday, June 02, 2012

Zion 100-Mile Ultramarathon

Hello Everyone! Just popped in to share a video my buddy Randy Katz put together from Zion 100. While I was sweating about the possibility of a hot race at Quicksilver the day before the race, Friday, pals Dana Katz (no relation to Randy) and Kara Teklinski started the Zion 100 - warmer for longer. Randy was one of the crew and pacers for Kara and got some great video and still shots in.

These two ladies are too awesome for words and they've come a long way. I was with them a couple of years ago when they ran their first 50 mile at American River. That day I was Randy, crew and pacer for Kara, no awesome video after I was done though:) Great to see them finish, to see all the friends that were there to crew, pace and celebrate their finish. Jessica Fewless who lead the crew for Dana has seen me through 3 of my 100 milers. Just too awesome for words.

I had the opportunity to join in on the fun but had to decline knowing how important Quicksilver would be leading up to San Diego. Stil, I wish I had been there.

And speaking of San Diego, watching this video over and over again and receiving a last email update from RD Scott Mills this morning has got me all pumped up and way too excited a week early. Love the rest and extra time for other things that comes with the taper, not sure about the butterflies.


Got another video of the race from Dana put together by Samantha Pinney. For some reason I can't embed it. Anyway Sammy Sam was my second pacer the last time I ran Headlands Hundred. Those last 25 miles was a roller coaster ride energy wise; high, low, lower, high, low then final high - ultimately finishing strong and feeling great in the end, all smiles. Thanks Sammy Sam.

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  1. Watched the video, sweet! Now, go make life happens this weekend!