Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Shorts on backward
Colin: Is your shorts on backwards? Me: No course not, wait...ah damnit! Photo courtesy of Colin Gardiner.

I need more help than others. In my defense it was:

• dark at 4:15 am when I got up
• still dark when I put the shorts on
• still dark when I left my apartment at 4:50 am
• still dark when we started at 5:30 am
• still dark halfway through our 2-hour run
• the inner liner was also black so it was hard to tell

Who runs around with their shorts inside out? Me. It was quite obvious back at the parking lot with the sun up. I hate making a spectacle of myself but it was a good laugh.

Every Thursday morning I run with the SF Ninjas. Devon and Larissa came up with the name, I think it's because we are out prowling in the dark or because Devon loves flying kicks - not really sure actually. Anyway those of you who have known me for a long time may know that I hate getting up before 8 am let alone 4 am. As much as I curse and drag my butt on Thursday mornings I really do enjoy the company and the workout. The best part is seeing the sun rise as we make our way back to the Golden Gate bridge - better than coffee. In the Summer it's light enough by 5:30 am that we don't need our headlamps so best to take advantage of these dark am runs now. The weather has also been phenomenal lately which has made these morning runs even more enjoyable. Sorry to hear about the folks back in the East Coast and the Northeast being hammered by more bad weather.

Well tomorrow is another morning run. You bet I'll be checking my shorts this time.

Thursday morning run
Last Thursday's group. We blocked the sunrise and San Francisco so no views. Drew on the far right was running in his homemade Huarache's which got some oohs and ahhs from the group. He's logged some serious on Vibram Five Fingers before making the switch. This is just off the SCA trail on our way back to the Golden Gate parking lot. Photo courtesy of Colin Gardiner.


  1. hahaha! that was a nice one! you are still young, rick! it is better than forgetting to wear one!

  2. This is funny. ;)

  3. Funny stuff, Rick. Did you bother to fix the shorts?

  4. The whole reason I do wake up so damn early is because I LOVE running in the dark and seeing the sun rise...the best part of the day, ever.
    It's ok yo make a full of yourself and have others laugh. Consider it to be therapeutical for your friends, and you just gave everyone extra life to live. :))

  5. That is funny!!! Looks like a great group to run with! You are lucky! :>)

  6. Nice. My son does the inside out thing quite a bit. I always wait until he is about out of the car for school before I tell him.

    You guys have a good group up there in SF.

  7. Classic! Backwards would be one thing, but inside out ...? Oh Rick. Hilarious! That picture totally captures your own confusion and your friend's amusement. Beautiful. :)

  8. Lol. I was already laughing while just looking at the first picture. Haha.

  9. I can't believe everyone is in shorts, that early in the morning. Brrrrrrr!
    Good that you can laugh at yourself. ;)

  10. BR: This is true. The day I forget to wear shorts will be the day I probably hang up the running shoes. I've been thinking about your Bataan Death March 160k, I hope the inaugural event surpasses all expectations - the first 100-mile race in the Philippines!

    Meghan: Glad you were amused:)

    IF40: Ah indeed a great group. We fluctuate between 6 and 14 on these Thursday mornings.

    Hone: Nice. I bet you smile as he frantically changes it back the right way. You still running with the Coyotes? I know they too have a Thursday morning run. A bigger crowd from what I hear from Jimmy, 40+.

    Gretchen: Thanks, thanks. Realization, embarrassment and amusement all at the same time. You can always count on me to do something that gives you pause:)

    Jon: Hey man. I should stop dressing myself in the dark huh.

    J-Lynster: Nah not too cold at the time in the morning. It's been great in the Headlands these last few weeks. Notice there is no fog.

  11. Steve: After two hours of running in the shorts it would have been a bad idea to turn them back the right way. Know what I mean:) Fortunately I had packed another pair of shorts for after the run.

    Olga: Yeah lady, I know. You love early mornings. You like to get up at 5am sometimes even earlier. More power to you. Once a week is enough for me.

  12. Absolutely hilarious, Rick!
    Everyone else in your group should wear their shorts backwards at the next run in your honor! Thanks for thinking about us poor souls in the east. Also, saw the FB pics of the PCTR dinner--looks like you got something for all of your hard work--you deserve it. Run well, Ann

  13. ah well at least both legs weren't through one hole!