Saturday, February 05, 2011


I've been saying that word since this morning and it has become the word of the day. First because the weather here, while the Midwest and Northeast are still battling through a winter storm, has gotten even better. Another sunny day, quite warm and most important of all, no wind. I've seen some beautiful sunny days ruined by strong wind. I put in a short run with my friend Jason and we around the Presidio and by the Golden Gate Bridge. Afterwards we sat around enjoying the views and all the female runners.

Then I just found out through the usual channels that Ian Sharman won Rocky Raccoon with a 12:44:35, averaging 7:38 minutes per mile. Wow! I've paced at Rocky, it's not incredibly hilly but it ain't flat either and there are a lot of roots. Ian is English but he resides in San Jose. Last I saw him was at PCTR's Pacifica race a couple of weeks ago where he ran and won the 21k event. He's pretty laid back and he was a bit sheepish that he was only entered in the 21k event. I thought he was just easing himself back into the season, not tapering for a 100 miler. That guy, not only fast but he can also handle a heavy race schedule.


Crissy Field was made for sunny days just like this.

Kids running around like dogs, dogs running around off leash like the kids.

This little lady puts me to shame. She may not have the fancy colorful spandex, a bike with a chain or a water bottle but at least she's out there riding her bike. The last time I was on my bike? Last February.

Oh yeah, a box of juice and the open trail.


  1. Good weather out there. I hope it stays that way. I've been excited to find out who won RR100. It seems Anton, my bet, did not make it this time. Oh well, anything can happen in a 100 mile race. Cheers.

  2. 7:38? For 100 miles? Holy crap!

    I don't want to jinx anything but, are you actually going to start blogging again?

  3. Jon: Anton is amazing but he is also running with other great athletes. I think it comes down to who is having the better day, who is better prepared, who is actually racing versus running just to tune up for another race, who is having a breakout performance, etc. Jon I'm excited for you and your upcoming race. Godspeed pare.

    Jo Lynn: Hey, hey JL. Ain't it something? They started at 6 AM, he didn't have to spend too much time in the dark. Blogging again? You mean more often than one post every two weeks? Ah we shall see, not a lot of exciting things happen this time of the year for me. Just a lot of miles and miles and less sweets which sometimes makes me surly, not the former but the latter.

  4. Anonymous6:22 AM


    Yeah the way Ian smoked the competition is amazing. I know nothing about him. Is he a flatter-course specialist or can he run mountains too? Do you suppose he's equally talented on more difficult courses?

  5. Anonymous8:08 AM

    A juicebox and the open road...that is what life is all about my friend!

  6. It is so cool to see people walking around in shorts. I am insanely jealous. Even more snow predicted here tonight! :)

    Enjoy your nice weather, Rick...along with the views of the female runners! ;-)

  7. Ah, this weather! I also went for a run in your neck of the woods yesterday - 2 and a half hours running around on the trails between Rodeo Beach and Muir Beach. It was almost too hot; I had to loose the shirt! Last night out in San Fran in a tank top - I've never been warm like that in the city. Today looks to be another one. Enjoy it while we can, eh?

    And Ian ... well, AMAZING! I can't imagine how anyone keeps that kind of speed for that distance.

  8. Oh...Gretchen, ..."Tank top at night"..."too hot" is torture reading all of this ;)! I'll take sun and strong wind any day over this winter--we haven't had a high over 40 since January 2--and I have over 20 hrs of shoveling in since then :( that could have been used, THAT is RIDICULOUS!
    Yep, I'm still a wimp having spent the first 30 yrs of my life in the SF Bay Area.
    Enjoy your weather, Ann